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March 8 – 12, 2020


Conventionally, processes for additive manufacturing of metals use laser or electron beams and open powder. This makes them expensive and potentially hazardous to health. In contrast to that, fused deposition of metals (FDMet) represents a low cost and safe alternative for fabrication of near net-shape metal structures. Figure 1 illustrates the FDMet process used in this study. 316L stainless steel powder is mixed with a thermoplastic binder into a homogeneous feedstock. The feedstock was extruded into a filament, which is used for 3D printing in off-the-shelf, low cost, fused deposition modeling 3D printers. More than 60 wt% of the thermoplastic binder is removed in a solvent debinding step, leaving behind a porous structure consisting of metal powder and the insoluble backbone polymer. In a thermal step, the backbone is removed by pyrolysis.

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