Conference Dates

March 8 – 12, 2020


Additive manufacturing (AM) has come a long way since its first representation in the form of rapid prototyping techniques developed in the 1980s. These days, we are in the process of moving from the generation of prototypes to the creation of actual functional parts. Metal AM is particularly mature, and is seeing significant industrial utilization. Ceramic and polymer AM are not far behind. There is growing consensus as far as when AM does and does not make sense, its utilization is becoming more and more widespread, and there is a clear acceleration in the pace of research associated with AM.

All of this leads to an obvious question – where are we headed? The speaker recently lead a working group tasked with formulating a response to this question. The resulting effort was both eye-opening and though-provoking. In this talk, he will review current perspectives on the future of additive manufacturing, sourced from a thorough review of the recent literature on this topic, including exchanges with key actors in the field, coupled with his own observations related to AM. The goal is to leave the audience with a deeper appreciation of the expressed needs and anticipated impacts associated with the continued development of AM technologies, with references provided for further reading.

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