June 5-10, 2016 - Grand Hotel San Michele
Cetraro (Calabria), Italy

Editors:   Professor Umberto Arena, Second University of Naples, Italy
  Professor Thomas Astrup, Denmark Technical University, Denmark
  Professor Paola Lettieri, University College London, United Kingdom

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.

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Conference Program, Umberto Arena, Thomas Astrup, Paola Lettieri, and Roland Clift (Article)

Using consequential LCA and optimization to identify the best uses of biomass resources within the energy sector, Davide Tonini, Carl Vadenbo, Stefanie Hellweg, and Thomas Astrup (Abstract)

Systematic evaluation of critical factors for the climate impact of landfill minin, David Laner, Johann Fellner, Niclas Svensson, and Joakim Krook (Abstract)

Decreasing ore grades in global metallic mining, a theoretical issue or a global reality?,, Guiomar Calvo, Gavin Mudd, Alicia Valero, and Antonio Valero (Abstract)

Assessment of waste to energy as a resource recovery intervention using system dynamics: A case study of New South Wales, Australia, Ben Madden, Nick Florin, and Damien Giurco (Abstract)

Valorization of energetic material from ammunition in civil explosives, Carlos Ferreira, Fausto Freire, José Ribeiro, and Roland Clift (Abstract)


Development of a database of Material Flow Analysis for agro‐food processing craft villages in Red River Delta of Vietnam, Nguyet Thi Tran and Dirk Weichgrebe (Abstract and Presentation)

Resource optimization and sustainable manufacturing in the development of a self‐chilling beverage can, Noemi Arena, Jacquetta Lee, and Roland Clift (Abstract)


Environmental assessment of light weighting solutions for automotive components: results, trade‐off and challenges from real case studies, S. Maltese, L. Zanchi, M. Delogu, M. Pierini, and R. Riccomagno (Abstract and Presentation)


Life Cycle Assessment as a tool for resource optimisation of continuous basalt fibre production in Iceland, Kamal Azrague, Marianne Rose Inman, Lisbeth-Ingrid Alnæs, Reidun Dahl Schlanbusch, Birgir Jóhannesson, Thorsteinn Ingi Sigfusson, Eythor Rafn Thorhallsson, Hjalti Franzson, Arni B. Arnason, and Sirje Vares (Abstract and Presentation)

Stock in use in the urban mobility system. An exergy approach, Abel Ortego, Alicia Valero, and Antonio Valero (Abstract)


LCA to start and perform green public procurement for funeral products, Francesco Baldoni, Valeria Bettini, Alessandro Buosi, and Roberto Bortolotti (Abstract and Presentation)


The Application of Life‐Cycle Assessment to Solid Waste Management: Applications, Challenges and Modeling Techniques, Morton Barlaz and James W. Levis (Abstract and Presentation)


Choice of sewage sludge thermochemical disposal methods from multi‐ perspective analysis, Dezhen Chen, Min Yang, and Yuyan Hu (Abstract and Presentation)


Combining MFA, LCA and optimization techniques to improve MSW management in Switzerland, Melanie Haupt, Carl Vadenbo, and Stefanie Hellweg (Abstract and Presentation)

Quality assessment and estimation of substitution ratios for recycled plastic, Marie Kampmann Eriksen, Alessio Boldrin, Anders Damgaard, and Thomas Fruergaard Astrup (Abstract)


Complementing LCA with qualitative organisational study for improving waste management governance – illustrated by a comparative case on metal packaging, Mathias Lindkvist, Henrikke Baumann, and Maria Ljunggren Söderman (Abstract and Presentation)

Optimizing resource and energy recovery for municipal solid waste Management, Susan Thorneloe and Ozge Kaplan (Abstract)

Optimization of waste disposal method in urban functional zone based on multiple model evaluation: a case study of an urban sub‐domain planning, Lijie Yin, Dezhen Chen, and Yuyan Hu (Abstract)


Life Cycle Assessment of MSW kerbside separate collection system applied to small communities, Giovanni De Feo, Carmela Malvano, and Sabino La Rocca (Abstract and Presentation)

Quantifying waste prevention with LCA to motivate holistic resource, Petra Hutner and Axel Tuma (Abstract)

Life cycle assessment of waste prevention, Line K.-S. Brogaard, Anders Damgaard, and Thomas F. Astrup (Abstract)


The effects of changes in consumption composition and growth in recycling on decoupling household consumption from its waste footprint, Antoine Beylot, Baptiste Boitier, Nicolas Lancesseur, and Jacques Villeneuve (Abstract and Presentation)

Optimization of municipal solid waste management using externality costs, Veronica Martinez-Sanchez, James W. Levis, Anders Damgaard, S. Ranji Ranjithan, Joseph F. DeCarolis, Morton A. Barlaz, and Thomas F. Astrup (Abstract)


Municipal solid waste collection evaluation tool as basis for LCA of MSW Management, Dirk Weichgrebe, Christopher Speier, and Moni Mohan Mondal (Abstract and Presentation)


LCA of municipal solid waste incineration in France: from comprehensive site‐ specific data to Life Cycle Inventory modeling, Antoine Beylot, Antoine Hochar, Pascale Michel, Marie Descat, Yannick Ménard, and Jacques Villeneuve (Abstract and Presentation)


Life Cycle Assessment and economic evaluation of the recovery of materials in an urban waste management system, Giovanni De Feo, Alessio Finelli, Alberto Grosso, and Santa Maria del Pianto (Abstract and Presentation)


Assessing carbon‐based materials of Belo Horizonte municipal solid waste management, Maryegli Fuss and Witold-Roger Poganietz (Abstract and Presentation)

MSW derived syngas utilization in combination with distributed energy supply system: mode selection and evaluation, Ming Chen, Dezhen Chen, Yuyan Hu, and Lijie Yin (Abstract)


Energy from Waste in a 2° world: LCA and Australian Carbon Policy, Mary Stewart (Abstract and Presentation)

The link between data choices and reality in life cycle assessment modelling of waste management technologies, Trine Henriksen, Anders Damgaard, and Thomas F. Astrup (Abstract)

Main factors affecting climate change, acidification and eutrophication in MSW management systems, Lidia Lombardi, Luca Cipriano, Ennio Carnevale, Jouni Havukainen, Miia Liikanen, Mari Hupponen, and Mika Horttanainen (Abstract)

The application of Consequential LCA in WEEE management, Bin Lu, Xiaolong Song, Jianxin Yang, and Wenjie Wu (Abstract)

Evaluation of the environmental sustainability of different waste‐to‐energy plant configurations, Lidia Lombardi, Matteo Bracali, and Ennio Carnevale (Abstract)

An analysis of developing energy systems: an overview, Carla Tagliaferri, Paola Lettieri, Roland Clift, and Chris Chapman (Abstract)

Resource recovery and life cycle assessment in co‐treatment of organic waste substrates for biogas versus incineration value chains in Poland and Norway, Simon Alexander Saxegård, Helge Brattebø, Ewa Neczaj, Tomasz Kamizela, Anna Grosser, and Małgorzata Worwąg (Abstract)

Environmental impacts of a material recovery facility in a Life Cycle Perspective, Filomena Ardolino, Chiara Berto, and Umberto Arena (Abstract)

LCA of mechanical biological treatment of residual MSW in the city of Rome: current practices vs. alternative strategies, Sara Pantini, Giulia Costa, Anders Damgaard, Charlotte Scheutz, Peter Kjeldsen, and Francesco Lombardi (Abstract)

Environmental sustainability of two biological treatments for the organic wet fraction of municipal solid waste, Filomena Ardolino and Umberto Arena (Abstract)

LCA as a supporting tool for supermarket food waste management ‐ A case study in a Swedish supermarket, Pedro Brancoli; Kim Bolton; and Kamran Rousta, (Abstract)


Integrated environmental analysis of urban waste separate collection in the Sorrento peninsula, in Italy, Giovanni De Feo, Daria Milione, Anna Rita Polito, Alberto Grosso, Santa Maria del Pianto, and Luigi Cuomo (Abstract and Presentation)

Assessment of the environmental sustainability of a treatment aimed at soil reuse in a Brownfield regeneration context, Giulia Costa, Oriana Capobianco, and Renato Baciocchi (Abstract)


Retrofit design of energy efficient buildings using Life Cycle Assessment case study on research institute building, Fereshteh Aramoun, Masoomeh Bararzadeh, and Akram Avami (Abstract and Presentation)

LCA for a residential Italian multifamily building: a case study, Pierluca Vitale, Fabrizio Di Gregorio, and Umberto Arena (Abstract)


Life cycle assessment of low cost retrofit options of educational building considering renewable and non‐renewable energies, Akram Avami and Atiyeh Soleimani Javid (Abstract and Presentation)

LCA modelling of cement concrete waste management, Marjan Mousavi, Anne Ventura, Nicolas Antheaume, and Tristan Senga Kiesse (Abstract)


Predictive resource planning: coupling construction needs with demolition waste forecasts, Elisabeth Keijzer, Jacco Jochemsen-Verstraeten, Sanne van Leeuwen, Mara Hauck, and Elmer Rietveld (Abstract and Presentation)


LCA applied to residual organic fertilizing materials ‐ An overview of substitution methodological options and quantitative substitution rates, Marilys Pradel and Claire Déchaux (Abstract and Presentation)


LCA applied to residual organic fertilizing materials ‐ An overview of emission inventory data at the spreading operation, Claire Déchaux and Marilys Pradel (Abstract and Presentation)

Life‐Cycle Assessment of olive oil addressing alternative production systems: how to deal with olive pomace valorization, Érica G. Castanheira, Fausto Freire, and Filipa Figueiredo (Abstract)

Life Cycle Assessment problems and prospects in Bangladesh: a case study of healthcare waste management of Chittagong Metropolitan city, Ohidul Alam (Abstract)

Challenges and framework of life cycle management of small WEEE in China, Jianxin Yang and Wenjie Wu (Abstract)


The challenges of nuclear waste management from a life cycle perspective, Andrea Paulillo, Stephen Palethorpe, Andrew M. illiken, Roland VClift, and Paola Lettieri (Abstract and Presentation)

Scenario estimates of rare earth recycling potentials from NdFeB magnet material, Rita Schulze and Matthias Buchert (Abstract)

Life Cycle Assessment of ship recycling: metals recovery, Fabio Magrassi and Adriana Del borghi (Abstract)

Life cycle assessment modelling considering impurities in recyclable materials, Giorgia Faraca, Anders Damgaard, Alessio Boldrin, and Thomas Astrup (Abstract)

Assessing energy benefits of operating anaerobic digesters at low temperature with solids pre‐ozonation, Zeinab Bakhshi, Shameem Jauffur, and Dominic Frigon (Abstract)

Study on an eco‐design method of industrial solid waste reused products: a case study of mullite produced from fly ash, Qiang Li, Huiquan Li, Xue Guan, Jingjing Shi, and Chenye Wang (Abstract)

Mapping the content and fates of scarce metals in discarded cars, Magnus Andersson, Maria Ljunggren Söderman, and Björn A. Sandén (Abstract)

Technologies for harvesting microalgae for biodiesel production: a comparative LCA study, Massimo Collotta, Pascale Champagne, Warren Mabee, Giuseppe Tomasoni, Marco Alberti, and Leonardo Busi (Abstract)

Analysis on solid waste emission and management in the development of Beijing City, Huiquan Li, Qiang Li, Chenye Wang, Xue Guan, and Wenjuan Zhang (Abstract)

Waste management of flame retardant textiles: an alternate end‐of‐life design for flame retardant textile products, Sohail Yasin, Massimo Curti, and Giorgio Rovero (Abstract)