MSW derived syngas utilization in combination with distributed energy supply system: mode selection and evaluation

Conference Dates

June 5-10, 2016


Syngas from MSW gasification and pyrolysis are characterized through a rotary kiln reactor followed by a gas scrubber, the components and energy & chemicals for cleaning the syngas were qualified. Then the syngas utilization modes in combination with distributed energy supply system are evaluated.

For the separated MSW sample with dry-basis higher heat value (HHV) of 15.23MJ/kg, the HHV of pyrolysis syngas is higher than 15 MJ/kg. When combined with distributed energy supply system, the syngas is cleaned first to remove dust, tar and harmful components such as NH3 and H2S, then is used to supply power & heat. Based on a downtown district in a northern city in China, the syngas from pyrolysis of 43.34 ton/d separated MSW is assumed to generate power & heat through 4 routes, as shown in Fig.1:

l burning in a gas engine (1);

l burning in a gas turbine (2);

l direct combustion in a furnace to generate steam followed by a steam turbine (3);

l undergoing separation to obtain pure CH4 or H2 for industrial applications as avoidance of pure gas production or utilization in fuel cell (4).

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