LCA as a supporting tool for supermarket food waste management ‐ A case study in a Swedish supermarket

Conference Dates

June 5-10, 2016


This work aims to investigate the environmental and economic impacts related to supermarket food waste. The environmental assessment and cost indicators will form the basis of the information that will be given to the supermarket leadership. This will support the introduction of measures within the supermarket regarding waste prevention and waste treatment routes that will lead to lower environmental and economic costs. The measures will prioritize products with high environmental footprint per functional unit and high waste quantity.

The life cycle was modelled for the products from cradle to grave. The system boundary includes all relevant processes, such as primary production, packaging production, transportation, industrial processing, retail and final disposal. The functional unit is one kilogram of food waste disposed by the supermarket. Calculations were performed using the SimaPro 8 software.

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