LCT as Lever to Overcome Barriers in Areas Suffering from NIMBY Syndrome: The Case Study of Campania Region in Southern Italy

Conference Dates

June 5 – 10, 2022


NiMBY is the acronym of Not in My Back Yard, a form of protest by a group of people who see the security of their area of residence threatened by the siting of unwanted facilities such as municipal solid waste (MSW) treatment or disposal plants. Brown and Glanz (2018) stated that the NiMBY attitude “implies local parochialism guided by selfishness, ignorance, or irrationality for development projects that appear to serve community needs, but which are perceived as unattractive, dangerous, a nuisance, or likely to result in decreased property values”. In 2015, the European Court of Justice, due to the shortage of MSW facilities in the Campania region of Southern Italy, ordered Italy to pay 20 million euros as well as imposed a daily fine of 120,000 euros that the Country must pay every day until the problems are adequately solved.

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