Improving the Representation of Solid Waste Management in the Ecoinvent Database

Conference Dates

June 5 – 10, 2022


The ecoinvent database contains LCI data for thousands of products, covering a wide range of industries, and is relied upon by tens of thousands of people worldwide to support decision making. Solid waste management (SWM) is an important aspect of all product systems; almost all human activities produce waste in some form. The ecoinvent database contains more than 1,600 datasets representing different treatments in different geographies for more than 270 wastes. Despite this, several weaknesses in how SWM is represented in the database have been identified, namely a) aggregated treatments merging multiple inventories together; b) a lack of convention for naming and characterisation of wastes; c) its relatively limited geographic and technological coverage. To help users make more informed choices, it is essential that these shortcomings are surmounted, and that appropriate methodological solutions are implemented.

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