September 11-16, 2016
Maryborough Hotel and Spa
Cork, Ireland

Chairs:   H. Jain, Lehigh Univ.
  Isabel C. Escobar, Professor, University of Kentucky, USA
  Jamie Hestekin, Associate Professor, University of Arkansas, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.

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Conference Program, Isabel C. Escobar and Jamie Hestekin (Article)

New variations of the old ‘phase inversion” process: SNIPS, CIPS , DIPS and more, Klaus-Viktor Peinemann (Abstract)

Polyamide/TiO2 nanocomposite membranes applied to the degradation of dyes from textile industry, Eneida Cossich,; Maria Teresa; and Rosângela Bergamasco (Abstract)

Graphene oxide membranes for gas separation, Karel Friess, Marek Lanč, Kryštof Pilnáček, Ondřej Vopička, Zdeněk Sofer, Daniel Bouša, and Michal Nováček (Abstract)


PIM-1/graphene pervaporation membranes for bioalcohol recovery, Patricia Gorgojo, Monica Alberto, Jose Miguel Luque-Alled, Lei Gao, Maria Illut, Aravind Vijayaraghavan, and Peter Budd (Abstract and Presentation)

Mixed matrix PVDF membranes with in-situ synthesized PAMAM dendrimer- like particles: A new class of sorbents for Cu(II) recovery from aqueous solutions by ultrafiltration, Alex T. Kuvarega, Madhusudhana Rao Kotte, Manki Choi, Bhekie B. Mamba, and Mamadou. S. Diallo (Abstract)


Engineering of pervaporation systems: Modelling of dehydration modules, including recycles, Cilian O’Súilleabháin and Greg Foley (Abstract and Presentation)

Functionalized polymers of intrinsic microporosity for highly energy- intensive gas separations, Ingo Pinnau, Bader Ghanem, Xiaohua Ma, Nasser Alaslai, Fahd Alghunaimi, and Ramy Swaidan (Abstract)

Membranes for CO2 capture - report on pilot plant tests, May-Britt Hägg, Arne Lindbråthen, and Xuezhong He (Abstract)

Membranes in wastewater treatment: Integrated crystallization is essential, Bart Van der Bruggen and KU Leuven (Abstract)


Development of novel membrane structures for enhanced purification of plasmid DNA using small pore size ultrafiltration membranes, Andrew L. Zydney and Ying Li (Abstract and Presentation)

Understanding reverse osmosis polyamide active layer macrostructure and performance through indirect microscopic observation of film growth, Caleb V. Funk and Matthew D. Reichert (Abstract)

Novel reverse electrodialysis biobattery, Chase Smith, Brigitte Rodgers, Jamie Hestekin, and Christa Hestekin (Abstract)

Alternative treatment methods for the removal and destruction of algal toxins, Isabel C. Escobar, Joyner Eke, and Priyesh Wagh (Abstract)

Salt-excluding artificial water channels exhibiting enhanced dipolar water and proton translocation, Mihail Barboiu (Abstract)

Voltage activated membrane platforms, Bruce J. Hinds (Abstract)

Impact of energy fluctuation on permeate quality in autonomous and directly coupled renewable energy powered nanofiltration and reverse osmosis systems, Andrea I. Schäfer and Bryce S. Richards (Abstract)

Optimizing hollow fiber membranes and modules for osmotic processes: Membranes, modules, and models, Jeffrey R. McCutcheon and Jian Ren (Abstract)

New facilitated transport membranes for CO2 capture and separation, W.S. Winston Ho and Yuanxin Chen (Abstract)

Surface-enhanced separation performance of porous inorganic membranes for biofuel conversion applications, Michael Z. Hu (Abstract)

Influence of polymer backbone rigidity on water and salt transport properties of low water content membrane polymers for desalination, Geoffrey M. Geise (Abstract)

Monitoring multicomponent transport using in-situ FTIR spectroscopy, Daniel J. Miller and Bryan S. Beckingham (Abstract)

How to describe and predict plasticization in glassy polymeric membranes for gas separations, Giulio C. Sarti, Matteo Minelli, and Francesco M. Benedetti (Abstract)

Light responsive membranes for gas separation, Bradley P. Ladewig (Abstract)

.“Breakthrough” osmosis in “leaky” supported membranes: A breakthrough in PRO?, Andriy Yaroshchuk (Abstract)

Novel CO2 capture membranes based on polymerized ionic liquids and polymeric porous supports, Marius Sandru, Paul Inge Dahl, Edel Sheridan, Lars Erik Mollan Parnas, Sébastien Fantini, Sandrine Lois, Itxaso Azcune, Ibon Odriozola, and Germán Cabañero (Abstract)


Salinity gradient energy: Assessment of pressure retarded osmosis and osmotic heat engines for energy generation from low-grade heat sources, Tzahi Y. Cath, Johan Vanneste, Michael B. Heeley, and Kerri L. Hickenbottom (Abstract and Presentation)

Reactive and responsive functionalized membranes, D. Bhattacharyya, A. Colburn, L. Ormsbee, H. Wang, C. Porter, Y. Wei, S. Hernandez, and R. Sharma (Abstract)

Membrane performance vs process performance: What should we enhance?, Patricia Luis (Abstract)

Development of novel composite hollow fiber membranes and modules applied in pressure retarded osmosis: From laboratory scale to pilot scale, Laurentia Setiawan, Yunfeng Chen, and Rong Wang (Abstract)

Lab and pilot scale pervaporation process for the purification of dimethyl carbonate, Henk van Veen, Marc van Tuel, Anatolie Motelica, Jaap Vente, Joon Hyun Baik, and Jungho Cho (Abstract)

High flux ultrafiltration based on charged membranes: Background and data from the field, Stephen M.C. Ritchie (Abstract)

Fouling of nanofiltration membranes by organics, colloids and their combinations in cross-flow filtration: Effects of the presence of various ions on membrane-foulant non-electrostatic interactions, Oranso T. Mahlangu, Bhekie B. Mamba, and Arne RD Verliefde (Abstract)

Performance of the CSTR-in-series extractive membrane bioreactor in industrial wastewater treatment, Shuwen Goh, Chun Heng Loh, Bibianna J.L. Yeo, Andrew G. Livingston, Anthony G. Fane, and Rong Wang (Abstract)

Ultrafiltration membranes based on PES-PEG block copolymers, Jochen Meier-Haack, Markus Trenkmann, and Kornelia Schlenstedt (Abstract)

Development of polymer blend ultrafiltration membranes with combined size and charge selectivity, Clélia Emin, Iradani Katalia, Eliezer Kurnia, and Mathias Ulbricht (Abstract)

PVDF membrane chromatography for gold recovery, Chuanfang Yang (Abstract)

Hybrid protein membranes: Snatch contaminants from water and strike gold, Sreenath Bolisetty and Raffaele Mezzenga (Abstract)

Effect of water composition on perchlorate removal from polluted ground- water using Ion Exchange Membrane Bioreactor, Alon Zelichover, Shalom Fox, Zeev Ronen, Yoram Oren, and Jack Gilron (Abstract)


Aquaporins (AQP)-based biomimetic membranes for water reuse and desalination, Rong Wang and Anthony G. Fane (Abstract and Presentation)

Effect of surfactants on the long-term process stability of omniphobic membrane during the process of membrane-distillation, Yair Kaufman (Abstract)

Membrane distillation - A technology for resource recovery in communal waste water treatment, J. Buchmaier, C. Brunner, and C. Platzer (Abstract)


In-situ monitoring of RO membranes using electrical impedance spectroscopy: Threshold fluxes and fouling, Hans G. L. Coster, Jia Shin Ho, Lee Nuang Sim, and Anthony G. Fane (Abstract and Presentation)

Organic solvent nanofiltration with novel polymeric membranes, Kamalesh K. Sirkar, John Chau, Prithis Basak, Yucheng Hu, and Jasmine Kaur (Abstract)

Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotube membranes for water treatment, Nozipho N. Gumbi, Bhekie B. Mamba, Edward N. Nxumalo, and Andrea I. Schäfer (Abstract)

Phosphonium based poly(ionic liquid)/ ionic liquid membranes for high temperature ion conductance: Influence of ionic liquid structure and loading on membrane stability and performance, Alexander Lopez, Doug Gin, and Richard Noble (Abstract)

Nanofiltration membranes modified by interfacial polymerization and polyelectrolyte deposition for ionic liquid recycling from biomass hydrolysates, Alexandru Avram; Ranil Wickramasinghe; Pejman Ahmadiannamini,; and Xianghong Qian (Abstract)

Nanofiltration and hybrid membranes for water reuse, Andrew Colburn, Minghui Gui, and D. Bhattacharyya (Abstract)

Transient membrane potential after concentration step: A novel method for advanced characterization of ion-exchange membranes, Andriy Yaroshchuk, Marc Fernández de la Bastida, and Edxon E. Licón (Abstract)


Performance study for membrane fractionation of second cheese whey from sheep, Antónia Macedo, Elizabeth Duarte, and Rita Fragoso (Abstract and Presentation)

Study of gas transport mechanisms in mesoporous membranes using dynamic means field theory, Ashutosh Rathi, David Ford, and Peter Monson (Abstract)

Membrane synthesis for produced water filtration, Audie Thompson and Felecia Nave (Abstract)

Self-healing properties of microcapsule-embedded and hydrogel-composite water filtration membranes, Bezawit A. Getachew, Sang Ryoung Kim, and Jaehong Kim (Abstract)

Experimental study on the removal of sulfur compounds and siloxanes from biogas, Chul-U Bak, Chan-Jong Lim, Young-Deuk Kim, and Woo-Seung Kim (Abstract)

Functionalization of silver nanoparticles on membranes and its influence on biofouling, Conor Sprick, Sneha Chede, Isabel C. Escobar, Vinka Craver, and Tequila Harris (Abstract)

Modeling behavior of charged high flux ultrafiltration membranes for dairy applications, Corey L. Patton and Stephen M.C. Ritchie (Abstract)

Effect of water interactions on Polyvinylamine at different pH for Membrane gas separation, Daniel Romero Nieto, May-Britt Hägg, and Arne Lindbråthen (Abstract)

Numerical simulation of reverse electrodialysis with ammonium bicarbonate, Deok Han Kim, Byung Ho Park, Kilsung Kwon, and Daejoong Kim (Abstract)

Accelerated CO2 absorption in a membrane contactor using enzyme carbonic anhydrase, Edel Sheridan, Taek-Joong Kim, Actor Chikukwa, Paul Inge Dahl, Alexander Lang, Mathias Leimbrink, and Johannes Roubroeks (Abstract)

High temperature dewatering of ethanol by vapour permeation and pervaporation with HybSi® membranes, Henk M. van Veen, Marc M.A. van Tuel, Jaap F. Vente, and Yvonne C. van Delft (Abstract)

Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for defluoridation: The role of inorganic carbon, Andrea Iris Schäfer, Isaac Owusu-Agyeman, and Azam Jeihanipour (Abstract)

Roll-to-Roll nanoimprint lithography of polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membranes and fouling mitigation effects, Jacob Hutfles, Xiao Yun Lu, and John Pellegrino (Abstract)

Novel polyelectrolyte hydrogel membrane for ethanol dehydration via pervaporation, Jinpeng Liu and Roy Bernstein (Abstract)

Vanadium redox flow battery - membrane selection and characterization, Jiří Vrána, Jiří Charvát, Jan Dundálek, Juraj Kosek, Petr Mazúr, and Jaromír Pocedič (Abstract)

Thermally stable anion-exchange materials, Jochen Meier-Haack and Mubsharah Rashid (Abstract)

Membrane distillation as a thermal conductivity measurement device, Tzahi Y. Cath, Johan Vanneste, John Bush, and Christopher Marks (Abstract)

Demineralised skim milk concentrates by means of dynamic cross-flow microfiltration, Johannes Schäfer, Ramona Bast, Ingrid Läufle, Reinhard Kohlus, and Jörg Hinrichs (Abstract)

Fractionation of mono- and disaccharides by nano- and diafiltration, Christian Schmidt, Aline Holder, and Jörg Hinrichs (Abstract)

Investigation of membrane separations, ozonation and biofiltration for the removal of Microcystin-LR, Joyner Eke (Abstract)

A coarse grained model for ion transport in microscale batteries, Kaitlyn A. Dwelle and Adam P. Willard (Abstract)

Engineering of extracellular matrix scaffolds via hollow fiber cell culture, Kevin Roberts, Jacob Schluns, Addison Walker, Jake Jones, Kyle Quinn, Jeffrey Wolchok, and Jamie Hestekin (Abstract)

Hollow fibers for artificial lung applications, Lauren Reed, Nawaf Alshammari, Neda Mahmoudi, Shannon Servoss, and Jamie Hestekin (Abstract)

Trimethylamine draw solute in osmotic heat engine for power generation, Lingling Xia and Jeffrey R. McCutcheon (Abstract)

Desalinating seawater and recovering waste water using hybrid forward and reverse osmosis at the pilot level, Maqsud R. Chowdhury and Jeffrey R. McCutcheon (Abstract)

Aging of polymers of intrinsic microporosity studied by sorption and permeation, Marek Lanč, Kryštof Pilnáček, Ondřej Vopička, Johannes C. Jansen, Peter M. Budd, Neil B. McKeown, and Karel Friess (Abstract)

Surface modification of polyethersulfone membranes by catechol and polyethyleimine to removal reactive dyes from textile wastewater, Maria Teresa Pessoa de Amorim (Abstract)

Microporous hollow fiber membranes spun from PIM-1, Melinda Jue (Abstract)

Composite membrane fabrication with nanoporous metallic films, Michael J. Detisch, Dibakar Bhattacharyya, and T. John Balk (Abstract)

Nature-inspired next generation nanosorters for protein purification, Mirco Sorci (Abstract)

Characterization of microporous ECTFE membrane after exposure to different liquid mediums and radiation, Na Yao, John Chau, Ezinwa Elele, Boris Khusid, and Kamalesh K. Sirkar (Abstract)

Fouling in direct contact membrane distillation during treatment of produced water from unconventional (shale) gas production, Omkar R. Lokare, Sakineh Tavakkoli, Vikas Khanna, and Radisav D. Vidic (Abstract)

Zwitterion-containing polymer additives for fouling resistant ultrafiltration membranes: Choosing the right chemistry and architecture, Papatya Kaner (Abstract)

Thin film composite polyamide membrane on polydopamine layer containing stabilized particles for reverse osmosis, Pinar Cay Durgun, Mary Laura Lind, Francois Perreault, and Rafael Verduzco (Abstract)

High-performance biomimetic membranes made using genetically engineered aquaporins., Priyesh Wagh (Abstract)

Polydopamine mediated self-cleaning of high-flux pH-responsive isoporous membranes for filtration applications, Klaus-Viktor Peinemann, Rahul Shevate, Mahendra Kumar, Madhavan Karunakaran, and Mohamed Nejib Hedhili (Abstract)

Case study: Pilot treatment of olive mill and metal processing wastewater by ceramic membrane ultrafiltration, Renata Tomczak-Wandzel and Michał Piotrowski (Abstract)

Development and characterization of polymeric hollow fiber membrane with high CO2 separation performance, Sang Yong Nam, Deuk Ju Kim, and Jeong Woo Lee (Abstract)

Synthesis and characterization of novel cardo-containing copolyimide membranes for gas separation and effect of bulky site in the polymer backbone, Sang Yong Nam, Seungmoon Woo, and Tae Yang son (Abstract)

Synthesis and characterization of PEEK containing imidazole moiety and effect of functional groups, Sang Yong Nam, Deuk Ju Kim, and Byul Nim Lee (Abstract)

Role of active layer in the performance of aromatic and semi-aromatic nanofiltration membranes for water purification, Shardul S. Wadekar and Radisav D. Vidic (Abstract)

Investigation of biofouling resistant poly(vinyl alcohol)/cellulose acetate ultrafiltration membranes, Silver Enyinnia, Audie Thompson, and Felecia Nave (Abstract)

Hybrid biophysical membrane treatment systems for sustainable water reuse in the O&G industry, Stephanie Riley and Tzahi Cath (Abstract)


Comparative studies of ultrasound and membrane emulsification for the production of stable Perfluorocarbon-in-water nanoemulsions, Usman Taqui Syed, Sylvia Sousa, Ana M. A. Dias, Hermínio C. de Sousa, Joao Crespo, and Carla Brazinha (Abstract and Presentation)

Polysulfone based multi-block copolymer membranes for water purification applications, Yi Yang and Matthew Green (Abstract)


Revisiting membrane rejection: On the relationship between solute size and pore size in the nanofiltration regime, Yuqiong Li, Joao T. Cabral, and Andrew G. Livingston (Abstract and Presentation)

Prospects for cyclodextrins and their derivatives in membrane production, Bhekie Mamba, Edward Nxumalo, Feyisayo Adams, Bhekani Mbuli, Rui Krause, and Eric Hoek (Abstract)