Mixed matrix PVDF membranes with in-situ synthesized PAMAM dendrimer- like particles: A new class of sorbents for Cu(II) recovery from aqueous solutions by ultrafiltration

Conference Dates

September 11-16, 2016


A one-pot method for the preparation of a new family of mixed matrix polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membranes with in-situ synthesized poly(amidoamine) [PAMAM] particles is described. The key feature of this membrane preparation method is the in-situ synthesis of PAMAM dendrimer-like particles in the dope solutions prior to membrane casting using low-generation dendrimers with terminal primary amine groups (G0 and G1-NH2) as precursors and epichlorohydrin (ECH) as cross-linker. By using a combined thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) and non-solvent induced phase separation (NIPS) casting process, a new family of asymmetric PVDF ultrafiltration membranes with (i) neutral and hydrophilic surface layers of average pore diameters of 22−45 nm, (ii) high loadings (∼48 wt %) of dendrimer-like PAMAM particles with average diameters of ∼1.3−2.4 μm, and (iii) matrices with sponge-like microstructures characteristic of membranes with strong mechanical integrity were successfully prepared. Preliminary experiments show that these new mixed matrix PVDF membranes can serve as reusable high capacity sorbents for Cu(II) recovery from aqueous solutions by ultrafiltration.

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