March 4-8, 2018
LaFonda on the Plaza
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Editors:   Prof. Eli Keshavarz-Moore , University College London, England
  Dr. Barry Buckland, BiologicB, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Eli Keshavarz-Moore and Barry Buckland (Article)

Development of live bacterial therapeutics, John Aunins (Abstract)

Metabolic engineering strategies for producing oleochemicals in bacteria, Brian F. Pfleger (Abstract)

Improving biochemical yields with MixoFerm, Shawn W. Jones, Carrissa A. Wiedel, and Bryan P. Tracy (Abstract)

Cyanobacteria as photosynthetic factories: Synthetic biology methods in the development of next-generation production platforms, Hariharan Dandapani (Abstract)

Systems metabolic engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum and Bacillus methanolicus for production of new products from alternative carbon sources, Volker F. Wendisch (Abstract)

MOMENTUM: Microbial Optimization via Metabolic Network Minimization, Zhixia Ye, Jonathan M. Burg, Murphy R. Poplyk, Eirik A. Moreb, Ashley D. Trahan, Daniel Rodriguez, Wahab Sheikh, Garrett Kelly, Michael D. Lynch, Michelle Luo, and Chase Beisel (Abstract)

New bio-based supply chains for plant-based medicines, Christina Smolke (Abstract)

Learning from the mammalian expression system to develop a high titer- half antibody process in E. coli, Emily Dong (Abstract)

Matching secretion capacity via translation control, Neil Dixon (Abstract)

C1: How the C1 platform will change the production approach for therapeutic proteins, Ronen Tchelet, Jones Matthew, and Mark A. Emalfarb (Abstract)

Gram Level scFv expression platform of Pichia pastoris, Jen-Wei Chang, Dalton Chen, Wei-Hong Chen, Ming-Hong Cyue, Chih-Hsi Fan, Neng-Hsien Chang, and Wei-Kuang Chi (Abstract)

mRNA vaccines and therapeutics: On the progress from promise to reality, Hari Pujar (Abstract)

Natural products by synthetic biology and microbial engineering, Ben Shen (Abstract)

An integrated strain improvement and process development program for the production of UK-2A, the precursor of the fungicide InatreqTM active, Mark Mikola, Dale Brown, Tom Ramseier, Paul Lewer, Elliot Miller, Babu Raman, Kelly Hill, Paul Speakman, Matt Chase, and Jie Hu (Abstract)

One-pot synthesis of amino-alcohol using a de novo transketolase: Transaminase pathway in Pichia pastoris strain GS115, Marie-Jose Henriquez, Stephanie Braun-Galleani, and Darren Nesbeth (Abstract)

Microbial engineering of new streptomyces sp. from extreme environments for novel antibiotics and anticancer drugs, Juan Asenjo, V. Razmilic, J.F. Castro, J.P. Gomez, A. T. Bull, M. Goodfellow, M. Jaspars, M. Bibb, and B.A. Andrews (Abstract)

Genome-guided methods for discovering new natural product from fungi, Yi Tang, Colin Harvey, and Maureen Hillenmeyer (Abstract)

An efficient commercial platform for microbial engineering of natural products, Hsien-Chung Tseng (Abstract)

Engineered polyketide synthases for production of commodity and specialty chemicals, Jay Keasling (Abstract)

Integrated bioengineering: Genomatica’s approach to rapid commercializationIntegrated bioengineering: Genomatica’s approach to rapid commercialization, Michael Japs (Abstract)

Automating bioengineering: First the hands, then the head, Ben Kaufmann-Malaga, Amoolya Singh, and Joel R. Cherry (Abstract)

The circular bioeconomy and the concept of biorefinery, Behnam Taidi (Abstract)

Exploiting fatty acid metabolic pathway for production of short chain fatty acids in E. coli, Kamran Jawed and Syed Shams Yazdani (Abstract)

Antibody production in micro-organisms, Hanxiao Jiang, Andrew A. Horwitz, Hailley Warbington, Anna Tai, Elizabeth Znameroski, Yoseph Tsegaye, Ben Bower, Jeffrey A. Ubersax, Jessica Walter, Darren Platt, Chapman Wright, Carl Co, and Venkatesh Natarajan (Abstract)

Process optimization, manufacturing changes from early to late phase development, and comparability of Resolaris, Ying Buechler, Darin Lee, Mysore Ramprasad, Chris Chen, Johnny Li, Kristi Haskins, Andrea Cubitt, and Ashraf Amanullah (Abstract)

Promoter and process engineering for recombinant protein production in Pichia pastoris towards simple, fast and methanol-free cultivation regimes and high product titers, Roland Prielhofer, Michaela Reichinger, Katrien Claes, Christoph Kiziak, Nina Wagner, Brigitte Gasser, and Diethard Mattanovich (Abstract)

Towards extracellular release of recombinant proteins from E.coli using antisense technology, Shahin Heshmatifar (Abstract)

Rational design of expression vectors for high quality biologics, Kerry Love, Joseph R. Brady, J. Christopher Love, and Neil L. Dalvie (Abstract)

High yield plasmid DNA production under oxygen limitation using microaerobically induced replication, Alvaro Lara and Karim E. Jaén (Abstract)

A Pseudomonas fluorescens- based platform for robust vaccine manufacturing, Russell Coleman (Abstract)

Enhancing the yield and quality of supercoiled plasmid through Plasmid Engineering, Olusegun Folarin (Abstract)

Computational fluid dynamics modeling for fermentation risk reduction during technology transfer and risk understanding, Tracie Spangler, Michael Ray, Matthew Flamm, and Kristen Potuck (Abstract)

Engineering of probiotic E.coli to treat metabolic disorders, Paul Miller, Vincent Isabella, Binh Ha, Dean Falb, Sarah Rowe, David Lubkowicz, Adam Fisher, Cami Anderson, Jon Kotula, Mary Castillo, Kip West, Kelly Wu, Caroline Kurtz, Pip Reeder, Munira Momin, Chris Bergeron, Eugene Antipov, and Yves Millet (Abstract)

Opening microbial cells expands their capabilities, Jim Swartz (Abstract)

Enlarging the synthetic biology toolbox for Pichia pastoris: Golden Gate cloning and CRISPR/Cas9, Roland Prielhofer, Roland Prielhofer, Richard Zahrl, Lina Heistinger, Franz Zehetbauer, Matthias Steiger, Michael Sauer, Diethard Mattanovich, and Brigitte Gasser (Abstract)

Engineering vacuolar sorting pathways for efficient secretion of recombinant proteins, Brigitte Gasser, Verena Puxbaum, Clemens Gruber-Grünwald, Diethard Mattanovich, Friedrich Altmann, and Lukas Marsalek (Abstract)

Genome-scale reconstruction of Salinispora tropica metabolism; Microbial engineering and its applications in secondary metabolite production, Barbara A. Andrews, V.D. Saucedo, J.A. Asenjo, and C.A. Contador (Abstract)

Using screening and classical strain improvement techniques to get the best performance of lactic acid bacteria, Gunnar Øregaard and Rute Neves (Abstract)

Combined engineering of disaccharide transport and phosphorolysis for enhanced ATP yield from sucrose fermentation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Wesley Marques, Robert Mans, Ryan K. Henderson, Eko Roy Marella, Jolanda ter Horst, Erik de Hulster, Bert Poolman, Jack T. Pronk, Jean-Marc Daran, Andreas K. Gombert, and Antonius J.A. van Maris (Abstract)

Engineering of Escherichia coli protein expression process development, Chih-Hsi Fan, Yue-Chang Chou, Jen-Wei Chang, Neng-Hsien Chang, Wei-Hong Cheng, Ming-Hong Cyue, and Wei-Kuang Chi (Abstract)

Gram level scFv expression platform of Phichi pastoris, Jen-Wei Chang, Dalton Chen, Wei-Hong Chen, Ming-Hong Cyue, Chih-Hsi Fan, Neng-Hsien Chang, and Wei-Kuang Chi (Abstract)

Redox potential control in anaerobic Clostridium beijerinckii fermentation using single-use vessels, Ying Yang and Ma Sha (Abstract)


Production, immobilization and synthesis of pharmacological derivatives of lipase B from Candida antarctica in Pichia pastoris, Julia Robert, Evelin A. Manoel, José Carlos Pinto, Denise M. G. Freire, Martina C. C. Pinto, Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente, and Francisco Valero (Abstract and Presentation)

Improvement of retinoids production in recombinant E. coli using glyoxylic acid, Ji-Bin Park, Seong-Hee Jeong, Seon-Won Kim, and Sin-Young Kim (Abstract)

Sequential whole cell conversion process for production of D-psicose and D- mannitol from D-fructose, Seong-Hee Jeong, Jae-Eun Kim, Ji-Bin Park, and Seon-Won Kim (Abstract)

Optimization of isoprene production using a metabolically engineered Escherichia Coli, Seon-Yeong Jo, Myeong-Seok Cha, Myeong-Seok Yoo, and Seon-Won Kim (Abstract)

Production of α-Bisabolol from metabolically engineered Escherichia coli, Ju-Eon Park, Chonglong Wang, Hyo-Jung Han, Sinyoung Kim, and Seon-Won Kim (Abstract)

Engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for the secretory production of recombinant proteins via Tat-dependent pathway, Jae Woong Choi, Sung Sun Yim, and Ki Jun Jeong (Abstract)

Expression and downstream purification of insulin molecules in Pichia pastoris, Aster J. Escalante, Cameron Bardliving, and Parviz Shamlou (Abstract)

Replacing animal-based hydrolysates in biopharmaceutical processes with animal- free and chemically defined alternatives to reduce regulatory concerns, Floyd L. Inman III (Abstract)

Synthetic biocatalytic modules for enhanced transformation of biological waste products, Peter L. Bergquist, Kerstin Petroll, Dominik Kopp, Andrew Care, and Anwar Sunna (Abstract)

Identifying the best Pichia pastoris base strain using functional genomics, Joseph R. Brady, Charles A. Whittaker, Neil C. Dalvie, Kerry R. Love, and J. Christopher Love (Abstract)

Case study: Raman implementation for process lifecycle management in fermentation based processes, Roberto I. Ortiz, Christine Belzyt, Jennifer Potter, Jorge Vazquez, and Joseph Threlfall (Abstract)

E. coli strain engineering to minimize host cell protein contamination of recombinant target protein, James Samuelson and Julie Beaulieu (Abstract)

Sustainable production of β-Xanthophylls in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Vicente Cataldo, Natalia Arenas, Javiera López, Conrado Camilo, and Eduardo Agosin (Abstract)

Coenzyme Q production by metabolic engineered Escherichia coli strains, Irene Martinez, Nataly Maturana, Alvaro Díaz-Barrera, and Patricio Zelada (Abstract)

Automation and miniaturization of a microbial fermentation platform for the production of antibody fragments, Geoff Brown, Richard Davies, and Adrien Soula (Abstract)

Genetically engineered probiotic E. coli Nissle to consume amino acids associated with orphan metabolic diseases, Ning Li, David Lubkowicz, Vincent Isabella, Yves Millet, Binh Ha, Kip West, Pip Reeder, Caroline Kurtz, Mary Castillo, Dean Falb, Sarah Rowe, and Paul Miller (Abstract)

Towards extracellular release of recombinant proteins from E.coli using antisense technology, Shahin Heshmatifar (Abstract)

Effect of the oxygen transfer rate on oxygen-limited production of plasmid DNA by Escherichia coli, Alvaro R. Lara, Karim E. Jaén, Olusegun Folarin, Eli Keshavarz-Moore, and Jochen Büchs (Abstract)

Methodology to rapidly assess enzyme cascades in aid of metabolic engineering of host cells, Maria Villegas-Torres, John Ward, and Frank Baganz (Abstract)

Enhancing the productivity of supercoiled plasmid upstream bioprocessing through plasmid engineering, Olusegun Folarin, Darren Nesbeth, and Eli Keshavarz-Moore (Abstract)

Developing bacterial microcompartments for the recombinant production of proteins, Stefanie Frank and Ana Sofia Garcia (Abstract)

From screening to process optimization: AMBR technology to speed up microbial fermentation processes, Kevin McHugh, Jens Rupprecht, Alison Rees-Manley, Thorsten Adams, and Barney Zoro (Abstract)

Enumeration method and medium design for a mixed culture of saccharomyces cerevisiae and chlorella vulgaris, Behnam Taidi, Angéla La, and Patrick Perré (Abstract)