April 3-7, 2016
Grand Hotel Minareto
Siracusa (Sicily), Italy

Chair:   Simon Biggs, University of Queensland (Aus)
Co-Chairs:   Olivier Cayre, University of Leeds, UK
  Orlin D. Velev, North Carolina State University, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Simon Biggs, Olivier Cayre, and Orlin D. Velev (Article)

Novel particles based on strong intermolecular interactions between polymers and low molecular weight molecules, Krassimir P. Velikova (Abstract)

Construction and optical-electrical properties of inorganic/organic heterojunction nanostructures, Huibiao Liu (Abstract)

Controlling the nanotoxicity of polyelectrolyte-functionalized titania nanoparticles, Vesselin N. Paunov, Gillian M. Greenway, and Mohammed Al-Awady (Abstract)

Remote manipulation with microlablets and control of enzymatic reaction, Aleš Zadražil, Viktorie Čermochová, Martin Ullrich, Jaroslav Hanuš, František Štěpánek, and John McCaskill (Abstract)


Plasma functionalization of nano- and micro-sized particles, James W. Bradley (Abstract and Presentation)

Some molecule-based materials low dimension nanostructures, Yuliang Li (Abstract)

Functionalized alginate microparticles for fluid flow visualization, Sylvana Varela, Irene Sancho, Montserrat Ferrando, and Anton Vernet (Abstract)

Encapsulating lipids in self-assembled polymeric and inorganic matrix particles, Clive Prestidge (Abstract)

Scalable liquid-based manufacturing of new classes of particles with special shape and enhanced functionality, Orlin D. Velev (Abstract)

Designing microcapsules to save energy in buildings, Halime O. Paksoy, Kemal Cellat, Beyza Beyhan, Okan Karahan, Cengiz Dundar, and Yeliz Konuklu (Abstract)

Toroidal drops in viscous flow, Avinoam Nir, Olga M. Lavrenteva, Irina Smagin, and Michael Zabarankin (Abstract)

A scalable platform for functional nanomaterials, Jie Feng, Howard Stone, Luben N. Arnaudov, and Simeon D. Stoyanov (Abstract)


Encapsulation of biological materials, Alexander Routh (Abstract and Presentation)

Developing microcapsule membranes for the encapsulation of active ingredients of varying molecular weights, O. J. Cayre (Abstract)

Biocompatible microcapsules functionalized with inorganic nanoparticles for enhanced external triggering via light and ultrasound, Hui Gao, Magdalena M. TITIRICI, and Gleb B. SUKHORUKOV (Abstract)


Engineering microencapsulated PCM slurry with improved performance for cold storage, Fideline Tchuenbou-Magaia, Yaoting Huang, Zhibing Zhang, Yulong Ding, and Yongliang Li (Abstract and Presentation)

Microencapsulation of probiotic bacteria for gastrointestinal delivery, Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy (Abstract)

pH-responsive microcapsules synthesized via a water-in-oil-in-water emulsion template, Calum T.J. Ferguson, R. Elwyn Isaac, and Olivier J. Cayre (Abstract)

Containers for drug delivery based on vaterite particles, Bogdan Parakhonskiy, Yulia Svenskaya, Timothy. Douglas, Alexey Yashchenok, Irina Vidyasheva, Dmitry Gorin, Gleb Sukhorukov, and Andre Skirtach (Abstract)

Responsive microcapsules from complex emulsions, André R. Studart (Abstract)

Functional microparticles for electrophoretic display fluids, Mark Goulding, Nathan Smith, Louise Farrand, and Claire Topping (Abstract)

Self-assembly of cyclodextrins at the oil-water interface: surfactant-free emulsions and cyclodextrinosomes, Vesselin N. Paunov and Baghali Mathapa (Abstract)

Stimuli sensitive microcapsules with macroporous polymer shells, Eve Loiseau, Fabian Niedermair, Gerhard Albrecht, and André R. Studart (Abstract)

Loading of silica nanoparticles in block copolymer vesicles during polymerization-induced self-assembly: encapsulation efficiency and thermally-triggered release, Charlotte Mable, Rebecca Gibson, Sylvain Prevost, Beulah McKenzie, Oleksandr Mykhaylyk, and Steven Armes (Abstract)

Heterogeneous liposome assemblies: one goal, different paths, Jaroslav Hanuš, Martin Ullrich, Jan Haša, Martina Živčáková, and František Štěpánek (Abstract)

Impermeable metal microcapsules for diagnostic/ therapeutic applications, Alison Tasker, Simon Biggs, and Christian Langton (Abstract)

.Multi-gram preparation of pH-responsive DX MG colloidsomes by a scalable approach, Wenkai Wang and Brian Saunders (Abstract)

Engineering sensorial experiences by modulating fragrance microcapsule mechanics and morphology, Huda A. Jerri, Philipp Erni, Marlène Jacquemond, Lahoussine Ouali, and Christopher Hansen (Abstract)

Development of perfume microcapsules with triggered release by mechanical forces, Zhibing Zhang (Abstract)

Design and fabrication of remotely controlled microcapsules for on- demand synthesis and release of unstable actives, Frantisek Stepanek, Jaroslav Hanus, Monika Majerska, Anna Pittermannova, and Martin Jakubec (Abstract)


Facile two-step encapsulation of small species in a metallic shell, Kirsty Stark, Olivier Cayre, and Simon Biggs (Abstract and Presentation)

pH-Responsive hollow particles prepared by co-solvent assisted solvent evaporation: From dispersions to gel composites, Brian Saunders (Abstract)


Microcapsules for carbon capture from power plants, Joshuah K. Stolaroff, Congwang Ye, Du T. Nguyen, Sarah E. Baker, William L. Smith, Christopher M. Spadaccini, and Roger D. Aines (Abstract and Presentation)


Controlled adsorption of metallic nanoparticles on polymeric microcapsules with a view to growing secondary continuous metal films, J. Hitchcock, O. J. Cayre, and S. Biggs (Abstract and Presentation)

Aqueous core colloidosomes with a metal shell, Qian Sun and Alexander F. Routh (Abstract)


Study of the particle formation and morphology of single mannitol-water droplets depending on the drying conditions, Thomas Hellwig, Matthias Griesing, Hans-Ulrich Moritz, Werner Pauer, Holger Großhans, and Eva Gutheil (Abstract and Presentation)


Study of the particle formation and morphology of single mannitol-water droplets depending on the drying conditions, Thomas Hellwig, Matthias Griesing, Werner Pauer, Hans-Ulrich Moritz, Holger Großhans, and Eva Gutheil (Abstract and Presentation)

Influence of operating parameters of a spray tower on spray polymerization product properties, Katharina Franke, Werner Pauer, Steven Rüsch, and Hans-Ulrich Moritz (Abstract)

Salt-hydrogel marbles and hollow-shell microcapsules for reduced salt intake, Vesselin N. Paunov, Marius Rutkevicius, Georg H. Mehl, Jordan T. Petkov, and Simeon D. Stoyanov (Abstract)

Construction of bionanoparticles with the use of a recombinant DNA vector-enzymatic system, containing artificial poliepitopic proteins, for the delivery of new generation vaccines, Piotr M. Skowron, Agnieszka Żylicz-Stachula, Olga Żołnierkiewicz, Małgorzata Skowron, Joanna Jeżewska-Frąckowiak, Daria Krefft, Dawid Nidzworski, Kasjan Szemiako, Natalia Maciejewska, Agnieszka Ożóg, Alicja Wiercińska-Drapało, Grzegorz Węgrzyn, Aneta Szymańska, and Łukasz Janus (Abstract)

Microbiological characterization of psychro-mezo-thermophilic endospore-producing Bacillus species isolated from industrial probiotics particles, Piotr M. Skowron, Joanna Jeżewska-Frąckowiak, Krystyna Seroczyńska, Justyna Banaszczyk, Daniel Woźniak, Patrycja Mazur, Tadeusz Ossowski, Małgorzata Skowron, Daria Krefft, and Agnieszka Ozóg (Abstract)

Stimuli sensitive microcapsules with macroporous polymer shells, Eve Loiseau, Fabian Niedermair, Gerhard Albrecht, and André R. Studart (Abstract)

Probing nanoparticle interactions with biological system for drug delivery applications, B. Cattoz and P. Griffiths (Abstract)

Controlling competitive and synergistic interactions in formulations, O.T. Mansour, B.N. Cattoz, and P.C. Griffiths (Abstract)

Microencapsulation of magnesium and boron powders for the synthesis of magnesium diboride, Jung-Ho Ahn and Minwhan Bae (Abstract)

Facile synthesis of self-healing microcapsules, David Moore, Patrick A. Rühs, and André R. Studart (Abstract)