September 29-October 4, 2019
Melia Costa Del Sol
Malaga, Spain

Editor:   Jon Molina-Aldareguia, IMDEA-Materials Institute, Spain

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Jon Molina-Aldareguia (Article)

Experimental fracture mechanics at the micron scale: Fundamentals, challenges and pitfalls, Christoph Kirchlechner (Abstract)

Nanoscale residual stress and adhesion assessment, Edoardo Bemporad (Abstract)

New electron microscopy techniques for determination of local structural features during plastic deformation, Andrew Minor (Abstract)

Recent progresses in in-situ and 3D HR-EBSD techniques to assess deformation mechanism of materials at small scale, Xavier Maeder, Szilvia Kalácska, Johannes Ast, Nicolò della Ventura, Daniele Casari, Jakob Schwiedrzik, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

TEM in-situ deformation of magnesium-ytrium alloys, Yu-Lung Chiu and Jing Wu (Abstract)

In situ nanoindentation of Au crystals imaged by Bragg coherent X-ray diffraction, Thomas Cornelius, Florian Lauraux, Olivier Thomas, and Stéphane Labat (Abstract)

TEM observation and in situ compression tests of transition alumina prepared by high pressure compaction at room temperature, Karine Masenelli-Varlot, Lucile Joly-Pottuz, Agnieszka Krawczyńska, Inas Issa, Sylvie Le Floch, Denis Machon, and Vincent Garnier (Abstract)

Determination of precipitate strengthening in Al-Cu alloys through micropillar compression: Experiments and multiscale simulations, Javier Llorca, Barbara Bellón, Rodrigo Santos-Güemes, and Sarra Haouala (Abstract)

Effect of sample size and grain boundaries on dislocation structures and damage evolution in small-scale samples: A micro-fatigue investigation, Christian Motz and Jorge Rafael Velayarce (Abstract)

The influence of 3-D interfacial structure and morphology on the mechanical behavior of nanocomposites, Nathan Mara, Youxing Chen, Justin Cheng, Kevin Schmalbach, Zhao Wang, Nan Li, Jon Kevin Baldwin, Lee Penn, David Poerschke, and Andreas Stein (Abstract)

On microstructural constraints for slip transfer in nanotwinned silver, Maya Katapadi Kini, Gerhard Dehm, and Christoph Kirchlechner (Abstract)

Christoph Kirchlechner, MPIE, Germany, Christoph Kirchlechner (Abstract)

Probing grain boundary relaxation in ultra-fine grained tantalum by micromechanical spectroscopy in an SEM, Daniel Kiener, Markus Alfreider, and Oliver Renk (Abstract)

Grain-scale investigation of the anisotropy of PLC-type plastic instability, Henry Ovri and Erica Lilleodden (Abstract)

Nano-mechanical behavior of bcc irons characterized through nanoindentation and TEM In-situ straining, Takahito Ohmura, Ling Zhang, and Hongxing Li (Abstract)

Nanomechanical testing of bcc micropillars – power laws and lattice resistance correlations, Brian Derby (Abstract)

Size effect in polymer-supported ultrathin metallic glass films, Oleksandr Glushko, Christoph Gammer, Megan Cordill, Christian Mitterer, and Jürgen Eckert (Abstract)

Suppressing damage in dual phase steel: Insights from micromechanics, Chunhua Tian and Christoph Kirchlechner (Abstract)

Compression of gold sub-micron crystallites: Method and experiments, Marc Verdier, Solène Comby-Dassonneville, Guillaume Parry, Fabien Volpi, and Guillaume Beutier (Abstract)

Direct observation of dislocation plasticity in FeCrCoMnNi high-entropy alloys, Subin Lee, María Jazmin Duarte, Michael Feuerbacher, Christoph Kirchlechner, Gerhard Dehm, Christian Liebscher, and Sang Ho Oh (Abstract)

Dislocations in Laves phases – Phantastical beasts and how to understand them, Sandra Korte-Kerzel, Christoffer Zehnder, Fatim-Zahra Mouhib, Stefanie Sandlöbes, Julien Guénolé, James Gibson, Liam Huber, and Blazej Grabowski (Abstract)

Nanomechanical testing study of the elementary deformation mechanisms in the Ti2AlN and Cr2AlC MAX phases, Christophe Tromas, Salomé Parent, Christoffer Zehnder, Gilles Renou, and Thierry Ouisse (Abstract)

Superelasticity of ThCr2Si2-structured intermetallic compounds at the micrometer scale, Seok-Woo Lee (Abstract)

Small-scale mechanical response of cemented carbides: Correlation between mechanical properties and microstructure, Joan Josep Roa, M. Monclús, D.A. Sandoval, W.C. Oliver, J.M. Molina-Aldareguía, and L. Llanes (Abstract)

Nanomechanical behavior of individual phases and size effect in WC-Co by means of high temperature nanoindentation and electron microscopy: A study from ambient to high temperature, Francois De Luca, Hannah Zhang, Mark Gee, and Ken Mingard (Abstract)

Fracture toughness determination of arc-PVD and HiPIMS hard coatings by micro-cantilever and pillar splitting tests, Johannes Ast, Jan-Philipp Liebig, Silke Christiansen, Johann Michler, and Veit Schier (Abstract)

The fracture behavior of Cr2AlC coatings, Bernhard Völker, Bastian Stelzer, Stanislav Mraz, and Jochen M. Schneider (Abstract)

Strain Evolution around corrosion pits under fatigue loading using digital image correlation, Robert Akid and Christopher Evans (Abstract)

Mechanical characterization of a tribollayer created by high temperature fretting wear in a ceramic/metal alloy contact, Gaylord Guillonneau, Alixe Dréano, Ariane Viat, Siegfried Fouvry, Guillaume Kermouche, Sergio Sao-Joao, Mines Saint-Etienne, Univ. Lyon, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

Deformation and fracture mechanisms in nanocomposite and nanolaminate thin films revealed through combinatorial design and nanomechanical testing, Johann Michler, Tianle Xie, Laszlo Pethö, Mikhail Polyakov, Rachel Schoeppner, Johann Michler, and Thomas Edwards (Abstract)

Mechanical phase mapping of meteorites: Combining EDX and nanoindentation, Jeffrey Wheeler (Abstract)

Nanoindentation: A powerful tool to explore the wide chemical space of high entropy alloys, Mathilde Laurent-Brocq, Guillaume Bracq, Thomas Rieger, Jean-Marc Joubert, Rémy Pirès, Ivan Guillot, Loïc Perrière, and Céline Varvenne (Abstract)

Effects of temperature and irradiation damage on fracture around nanoindents, David Armstrong, Bo-Shiuan Li, Alex Leide, and Eugene Zayachuck (Abstract)

Micropillar compression study of Fe-irradiated 304L steel, Marc Legros, Elie Paccou, and Benoit Tanguy (Abstract)

Localized mechanical properties of SiC-SiC fiber composites in extreme environments – a micromechanical study, Yevhen Zayachuk, David Armstrong, Christian Deck, and Peter Hosemann (Abstract)

Evaluation of the environmental degradation of interphases in Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) via in-situ SEM micromechanical testing, Oriol Gavalda Diaz, Finn Giuliani, Katharina Marquardt, Luc Vandeperre, Eduardo Saiz, Louise Gale, Ian Edmonds, and Stephen Harris (Abstract)

Elevated temperature nanoindentation and in-situ SEM mechanical testing of uranium fuels, David Frazer, Joshua White, Tarik Saleh, and Peter Hosemann (Abstract)

Measuring nanoindentation hardness at high sustained strain-rates, Benoit Merle and George M. Pharr (Abstract)

Impact of temperature and hydrogen on the nanomechanical properties of a highly deformed high entropy alloy, Verena Maier-Kiener, Anna Sophie Ebner, Helmut Clemens, Reinhard Pippan, and Anton Hohenwarter (Abstract)

Studying deformation mechanisms of nanocrystalline nickel by thermal activation analysis at subambient temperatures and high strain rates, Johann Jakob Schwiedrzik, Rajaprakash Ramachandramoorthy, Patrik Schürch, Thomas Edwards, Laetitia Philippe, Xavier Maeder, Johann Michler, and Jean-Marc Breguet (Abstract)

Hydrogen-microstructure interactions by novel back-side hydrogen charging during in situ nanoindentation, Jazmin Maria Duarte Correa, Jing Rao, Gerhard Dehm, Steffen Brinckmann, and Xufei Fang (Abstract)

A new nanoindentation creep technique using constant contact pressure, Karsten Durst, Olena Prach, Kurt Johanns, and Christian MInnert (Abstract)

Indentation creep testing of superalloys, Mathias Göken, Markus Kolb, and Steffen Neumeier (Abstract)

Measurement of the creep behavior of thin ZrNi metallic glass films – a comparison between nanoindentation relaxation, nanoindentation creep and lab-on-chips experiments, Guillaume Kermouche, Paul Baral, Gaylord Guillonneau, Jean-Luc Loubet, M. Ghidelli, J.P. Raskin, T. Pardoen, and H. Idrissi (Abstract)

Direct observation of yield in films by flat punch indentation, John Pethica, Owen Brazil, Johann P. de Silva, Warren C. Oliver, Jason Kilpatrick, and Graham L. W. Cross (Abstract)

Measurement of hardness and elastic modulus by depth sensing indentation: Further advances in understanding and refinements in methodology, Sudharshan Phani Pardhasaradhi, Warren Oliver, and George Pharr (Abstract)

A new approach to evaluate residual stress using instrumented indentation testing at nano scale, Dongil Kwon, Sung Ki Choi, and Kyungyul Lee (Abstract)

Passive and active mechanics of Banksia seed pods, Michaela Eder and Peter Fratzl (Abstract)

Small scale fracture of bone to understand the effect of fibrillar organization on toughness, Finn Giuliani, Nouf Aldegaither, Eduardo Saiz, Giorgio Sernicola, Sandra J. Shefelbine, and Alexandra E. Porter (Abstract)

Microtensile properties and failure mechanisms of bone on the lamellar level, Daniele Casari (Abstract)

Correlation of ultra-fine real-geometry FEM models of diatoms derived from nano-X-ray tomography with in-situ nanomechanical testing, André Clausner, Emre Topal, Ehrenfried Zschech, Jürgen Gluch, and Harishankaran Rajendran (Abstract)

High strain rate plasticity in microscale glass, Rajaprakash Ramachandramoorthy, Jakob Schwiedrzik, Laszo Petho, Damian Frey, Jean-Marc Breguet, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

High-resolution strain-mapping during in-situ nanoindentation of CVD thin films, Gudrun Lotze, Olof Bäcke, Sebastian Kalbfleisch, Stefan Carlson, and Magnus Hörnqvist Colliander (Abstract)

Correlative in situ total and elastic strain mapping on micromechanical test pieces by DIC and HR-EBSD, Thomas E.J. Edwards, Xavier Maeder, Johann Michler, and Johannes Ast (Abstract)

In-situ microcompression high cycle fatigue tests: Up to 1 kHz frequencies and 10 million oscillation cycles, Gaurav Mohanty, Aloshious Lambai, Jakob Schwiedrzik, Rajaprakash Ramachandramoorthy, and Johann Michler (Abstract)


Surface acoustic wave spectroscopy versus nanoindentation: Potentials and limits for coating characterization, Martin Zawischa; Dieter Schneider; Stefan, Makowski; and Lars Lorenz (Abstract and Presentation)

Multi-metal electrohydrodynamic redox 3d printing at the submicron scale: Microstructure – geometrical gradients – chemical gradients and the resulting mechanical properties, Ralph Spolenak, Lukas Hauser, Alain Reiser, and Jeff W. Wheeler (Abstract)

Understanding fracture in laser additive manufactured bulk metallic glass through small-scale mechanical measurement, James P. Best, Moritz Stolpe, Xiaopeng Li, and Jamie J. Kruzic (Abstract)

Micromechanical testing at high strain rates and varying temperatures of 3D-printed polymer structures, Nadia Rohbeck, Rajaprakash Ramachandramoorthy, Thomas Edwards James Edwards, Patrik Schürch, Daniele Casari, Johann Jakob Schwiedrzik, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

Small scale mechanical testing of nanoporous tungsten tailored by reverse phase dissolution, Mingyue Zhao, Inas Issa, Manuel Pfeifenberger, Micheal Wurmschuber, and Daniel Kiener (Abstract)

Mechanical and electrical failure of transparent nanowire Electrodes, Erdmann Spiecker, Nadine Schrenker, and Zhuocheng Xie (Abstract)

Nanomechanical characterization of high pressure torsion processed HfNbTaTiZr high entropy alloy, Petr Haušild, Jakub Čížek, Jaroslav Čech, Jiří Zýka, and H.S. Kim (Abstract)

Electroplastic deformation studies of an Al-Cu eutectic alloy using nanoindentation, Doreen Andre, Stefanie Sandlöbes, and Sandra Korte-Kerzel (Abstract)

Characterization of particle distribution in a black carbon-filled elastomer via nanoindentation, Paul Baral, Clémence Fradet, Florian Lacroix, Eric Le Bourhis, Gaylord Guillonneau, Guillaume Kermouche, and Jean-Luc Loubet (Abstract)

Local fatigue characterisation of ARB processed copper sheets by dynamic micropillar compression, Sebastian Krauß, Mathias Göken, and Benoit Merle (Abstract)

Effect of lamellar orientation and width on the strength and operating deformation mechanisms of fully lamellar TiAl alloys determined by micropillar compression, Cristina Gutiérrez-García, Ilchat Sabirov, María Teresa Pérez-Prado, and Jon Mikel M olina-Aldareguia (Abstract)

Nanomechanical behavior of optically optimized AlN/SiO2 and AlN/Ag nanomultilayers, Chelsea Appleget and Prof. Andrea M. Hodge (Abstract)

Investigating thermally activated deformation mechanisms by high temperature nanoindentation – A Study on W-Re alloys, Johann Kappacher, Alexander Leitner, Helmut Clemens, and Verena Maier-Kiener (Abstract)

Mechanical characterisation of the protective Al2O3 scale in Cr2AlC MAX phases, James S.K-L. Gibson, Jesus Gonzalez-Julian, Savithrukumar Surya Santhana Krishnan, Robert Vaßen, and Sandra Korte-Kerzel (Abstract)

Nanomechanical testing for crystal plasticity constitutive framework identification at high strain rates, Simon Breumier, Sergio Sao-Joao, Aurélien Villani, Julien Baltazar, Martin Lévesque, and Guillaume Kermouche (Abstract)

Measurement of enhanced ductility in nanolayered ceramics via micro-compression testing and digital image correlation, Julia T. Pürstl, Thomas Edwards, Fabio Di Gioacchino, and William Clegg (Abstract)

In-situ deformation monitoring of thin electrochemically deposited copper lines during thermo-mechanical pulsing, Manuel Kleinbichler, Sebastian Moser, Gerald Zernatto, Michael Nelhiebel, Johannes Zechner, and Ernst Kozeschnik (Abstract)

Tension-compression strength asymmetry of bone extracellular matrix, Daniele Casari, Johann Michler, Philippe Zysset, and Jakob Schwiedrzik (Abstract)

3D-Laue micro diffraction to characterize fatigue damage in bi-crystalline micro cantilevers, Jean-Baptiste Molin, Loïc Renversade, Odile Robach, Jean-Sébastien Micha, Olivier Ulrich, and Christoph Kirchlechner (Abstract)

Strength and hardness enhancement and slip behaviour of high-entropy carbide grains during micro-compression and nanoindentation, Tamás Csanádi, Elinor . Castle, Michael J. Reece, and Ján Dusza (Abstract)

In situ ultrafine force measurement with nanowire based cantilevers in SEM, Erdmann Spiecker, Lilian Vogl, Peter Schweizer, Mingjian Wu, and Gunther Richter (Abstract)

Nanoindentation testing conditions - Controlling temperature and humidity?, Wolfgang Stein, Dennis Bedorf, Martin Knieps, and Daniel Habor (Abstract)

Effect of impurity doping on mechanical performance and microstructure in ultra-fine grained tungsten processed by HPT, Michael Wurmshuber, Simon Doppermann, Stefan Wurster, and Daniel Kiener (Abstract)

Probing the limits of strength in diamonds: From single- and nano-crystalline to diamond-like-carbon (DLC), Ming Chen, Ralph Spolenak, and Jeffrey M. Wheeler (Abstract)

In-situ TEM straining experiments in Cantor’s alloy at room and LN2 temperatures, Daniela Oliveros, Anna Fraczkiewicz, Stefan Sandfeld, and Marc Legros (Abstract)

Small scale fracture of multi metal carbide coatings, Hariprasad Gopalan; M. , Amalraj; C. Kirchlechner; G. Dehm; and J.M. Schneider (Abstract)

Micro-mechanical testing of ceramic matrix composites; Extraction of critical interface properties and impact on composite optimization, Joey Kabel, Darren Parkison, and Peter Hosemann (Abstract)

Deep-learning assisted damage observations on the microscale – A new viewpoint on microstructural deformation, fracture and decohesion processes, Carl F. Kusche, Tom Reclik, Ulrich Kerzel, Talal Al-Samman, and Sandra Korte-Kerzel (Abstract)

A fully integrated in-situ solution for materials testing in SEM, Fang Zhou (Abstract)

In-situ bending tests of penta-twinned Ag NWs and their structure analyses, Hu Zhao, Alex Eggeman, and Brian Derby (Abstract)

Machine learning based characterization of nanoindentation induced acoustic events, Antanas Daugela (Abstract)

Micromechanical characterization of single-crystalline niobium at low temperature, Gyuho Song and Seok-Woo Lee (Abstract)

Subcritical crack growth in freestanding silicon nitride and silicon dioxide thin films using residual stress-induced crack on-chip testing technique, Sahar Jaddi, Michael Coulombier, Jean-Pierre Raskin, and Thomas Pardoen (Abstract)

Tensile behavior of amorphous alumina thin films deposited by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD), Jeong-Hyun Woo, Na-Hyang Kim, Sun-Young Park, and Ju-Young Kim (Abstract)

Characterization of mechanically alloyed FeAlSi intermetallic powders, Jaroslav Čech, Petr Haušild, Miroslav Karlík, Filip Průša, Pavel Novák, and Jaromír Kopeček (Abstract)

Improved burst pressure of LPCVD Si3N4 membranes by nanometer thick compressive adlayers, Airat Shafikov, Bart Schurink, Robbert van de Kruijs, and Fred Bijkerk (Abstract)

Enhanced strength and ductility of multilayers made by Electrolytic Additive Manufacturing, Naresh Radaliyagoda, David Parfitt, and Nigel Jennett (Abstract)

Nanoindentation properties of shock-compressed single crystal Magnesium, Tyler J. Flanagan, Sriram Vijayan, Cyril Williams, Mark Aindow, and Seok-Woo Lee (Abstract)

Nanomechanical testing of freestanding polymer thin films, Nathan R. Velez, Frances Allen, Mary Ann Jones, Gregory Meyers, and Andrew M. Minor (Abstract)

Increase in stretchability of thermally grown silicon dioxide film, Na-Hyang Kim, Hangeul Kim, and Ju-Young Kim (Abstract)

Micro-mechanical testing by fibre pushout of the BN interlayer in SiCf/SiC composites for aero-propulsion, Robin De Meyere, T J Marrow, and David E J Armstrong (Abstract)

Advanced adhesion evaluation for brittle coating materials using the scratch test method, Martin Zawischa, Muhammad Muiz Azri Bin Mohamad Supian, Paul Skorloff, and Stefan Makowski (Abstract)

Micromechanisms of compressive failure of fibre reinforced polymers, Finn Giuliani, Giorgio Sernicola, Eden Spencer, Gerwin Ingenbleek, Joao Mexia, and Mary P. Ryan (Abstract)

Significance of the interconnectivity of intermetallic Laves phases on the mechanical behavior of Mg-Al-Ca alloys, Muhammad Zubair, Stefanie Sandloebes, Maximilian A. Wollenweber, Sebastian Schroeders, Sandra Korte-Kerzel, and James Gibson (Abstract)