From mirco-mechanical properties to tribological performance

Conference Dates

September 29-October 4, 2019


Abrasive contacts are still too complex to allow reliable predictions of part performance. There is not a single material model with satisfying generality, yet. However, it should be a combination of the contact body’s relative elastic and plastic properties as well as the loading condition.1 In industry carbide- and boride-reinforced, metal matrix composites are often cladded on a base part with welding processes to counter abrasive wear. These composites generally pose structural features at a multitude of length scales. A millimeter thick coating is reinforced with carbides of 100 µm diameter. Precipitates of 1 to 10 µm decorate the matrix and during the major solidification, a metal-stable carbide-metal eutectic forms with domains widths of 1 µm and 100 – 200 nm lamella spacing.

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