Enhanced strength and ductility of multilayers made by Electrolytic Additive Manufacturing

Conference Dates

September 29-October 4, 2019


Recent improvements in the understanding of the mechanisms underlying the enhancement of metal strength by changes in microstructural length scale [1], create the opportunity for stronger/lighter and safer components. Grain size refinement is a well-known strengthening method, but can reduce ductility. Strength will also reduce if grains grow when service temperatures exceed 40% of the melting point. Multilayers are attractive as a method to prescribe the structural length-scale of a material; multilayering of dissimilar materials is an obvious avenue to explore to increase service temperature robustness and to control other properties/performance, e.g. elastic properties and thermal expansion coefficients etc. Hou et al. (2019) showed that interfaces can enhance the strength of pillars beyond the strength of the strongest individual material on either side of the interface.

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