Conference Dates

October 4-9, 2015


We discuss applications of spherical nanoindentation stress-strain curves in characterizing the local mechanical behavior of materials with modified surfaces. Using ion-irradiation on tungsten as a specific example, we show that a simple variation of the indenter size (radius) can identify the depth of the radiation-induced-damage zone, as well as quantify the behavior of the damaged zone itself. Using corresponding local structure information from electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) we look at (a) the elastic response, elasto-plastic transition, and onset of plasticity in ion-irradiated tungsten under indentation, and compare their relative mechanical behavior to the unirradiated state, (b) correlating these changes to the different grain orientations in tungsten as a function of (c) irradiation from different sources (such as He, W, and He+W).