Ductile‐brittle‐transition of flash annealed Fe‐based metallic glass ribbons

Conference Dates

October 1-6, 2017


Fe-based metallic glasses show a ductile-brittle-transition (DBT) after annealing above a critical temperature, which makes the further processing of annealed ribbons complicated. However, the annealing step is necessary to improve the soft magnetic properties of these materials for industrial applications. For the future development of ductile (partial-) nanocrystalline Fe-based ribbons with excellent soft magnetic properties, it is important to understand the mechanisms behind the DBT.

Therefore, tensile and bending tests were performed to determine the DBT of 15-20 µm thin, flash annealed Fe85.2B9.5P4Cu0.8Si0.5 ribbons in terms of critical stress intensity factor and bending ductility. Microstructure analysis has been done via X-ray diffraction (XRD), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and atom probe tomography (ATP).

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