High‐speed nanoindentation for fast mechanical property mapping and surface patterning

Conference Dates

October 1-6, 2017


Nanoindentation represents a well established technique for the assessment of mechanical properties at the micro and nano scales. Nevertheless, the analysis of mechanical properties in highly heterogeneous materials still represents a major issue in the scientific community, because of due the high amount of time that is required to realize a large number of indentation tests over wide areas. Recently, this problem has been overcome by the introduction of a novel new High-Speed nanoindentation, which allows to realize a huge number of tests in a smaller time, thus improving statistical analysis of mechanical property distribution in heterogeneous materials.

Two High-Speed nanoindentation applications are presented in this poster: an innovative tool for the mechanical characterization and high resolution mapping of highly heterogeneous materials and a new technique the surface patterning (N.I.H.L., Nanoindentation High-Speed Lithography).

In the first one, two different and very high heterogeneous materials (LiMn2O4/polymer battery cathodes and cement pastes) were characterized combining high-speed nanoindentation tests with FIB microscopy and SEM-EDS maps.

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