Methods of actual indenter shape determination

Conference Dates

October 1-6, 2017


Knowledge of the actual indenter shape (area function) is fundamental for the correct evaluation of measured indentation data. Various methods and models were developed for the determination of indenter area function. Nevertheless, these methods usually do not have clear geometrical interpretation and/or their application is based on some severe assumption so they cannot be applied generally. Basically, the shape of the indenter can be determined by two different procedures – indentation into reference materials with known mechanical properties or reconstruction of the tip by direct imaging methods, e.g. AFM.

The aim of this study is the comparison of these two procedures applied for characterization of Berkovich and spherical diamond indenters. Several materials were used for reference indentation measurements and it was found that the area function obtained on studied materials significantly differs. The area function determined by this technique in fact does not correspond to the actual indenter shape but it characterizes the convolution of actual indenter shape and material surface and deformation characteristics. It means that this technique is appropriate only while testing the materials with the properties close to the reference sample.

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