Nanoindentation of Au nanoparticles – A combined experimental/computational multiscale study

Conference Dates

October 1-6, 2017


The idea of dimensionality and size effect the strength of metallic specimen as their typical size is pushed into the sub-micrometer scale is well established. The importance of the shape at the nanoscale was demonstrated on Au thin-films and nanoparticles in nanoindentation experiments. It was shown that nanoparticles are substantially softer than thin-films of the same height and the smallest nanoparticles are softer than the largest ones [1]. We propose that the size effect arises from the interaction between the lateral free surfaces on the plastic zone. However, experiments alone cannot provide the understanding on the governing microstructural dislocation mechanisms and we demonstrate here a combined experimental/computational study, by developing a multiscale frame to study nanoindentation of nanoparticles from the atomic- to the macro-scale.

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