October 2 – 7, 2022
Split, Croatia

Chair:   Sandra Korte-Kerzel, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Nanomechanical Testing in Materials Research and Development VIII, Sandra Korte-Kerzel (Article)

Progress in the development of high strain rate nanoindentation testing, George Pharr (Abstract)

In situ micromechanics during hydrogen charging: Effect of diffusible hydrogen on BBC Fe-based alloys and hydrogen protection through hydrogen barrier coatings, Maria Jazmin Duarte Correa, Jing Rao, Hariprasad Gopalan, Piyush Patil, Christina Scheu, and Gerhard Dehm (Abstract)

In situ deformation observation via EBSD and EDS during high temperature tensile testing, Sebastian Krauss, Markus Boese, Benjamin Tordoff, and Hrishikesh Bale (Abstract)

In-situ nanomechanical testing at elevated humidities, Igor Zlotnikov (Abstract)

On the contribution of nanomechanical testing to the study of Earth mantle deformations, Patrick Cordier and Hosni Idrissi (Abstract)

Orientation-dependent plastic deformability in micropillar compression of oxide ceramics, Hiroshi Masuda, Yelm Okuyama, and Hidehiro Yoshida (Abstract)

Solid solution hardening effects on structural evolution and mechanical properties of nanostructured high entropy alloys, Karsten Durst, Tom Keil, Christian Minnert, and Enrico Bruder (Abstract)

Plastic deformation of microsamples: Intermittent dislocation avalanches and their acoustic emission, David Ugi, Peter Dusan Ispanovity, Istvan Groma, Szilvia Kalacska, Edit Szilagyi, and Kristian Mathis (Abstract)

Plasticity of the C15-CaAl2 Laves phase at room temperature, Carl F. Kusche, Doreen Andre, Pei-Ling Sun, Nicolas J. Peter, and Sandra Korte-Kerzel (Abstract)

On the mechanistic origin of the enhanced strength and ductility in rare earth-based Mg alloys, Henry Ovri, Jurgen Markmann, Hajo Dieringa, and Erica T. Lilleodden (Abstract)

Orientation, temperature and strain rate effects in deformation twinning of magnesium, Xavier Maeder, Nicolo della Ventura, Szilvia Kalacska, Amit Sharma, Daniele Casari, Thomas E.J. Edwards, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

Deformation twinning in Cr2AlC MAX phase single crystals: A nanomechanical testing study, Christophe Tromas, Salome Parent, Anne Joulain, Hadi Bahsoun, and Gilles Renou (Abstract)

Micromechanical study of a precipitation-hardened dual phase highentropy alloy, Szilvia Kalacska, Amit Sharma, Rajaprakash Ramachandramoorthy, Johann Michler, and Xavier Maeder (Abstract)

Miniaturization effects on the tensile behavior of multicrystalline and polychristalline nickel-based superalloy: Influence of grain size, free surface and precipitation state, Damien Texier, Vincent Velay, Antonio Castro Moreno, Daniel Monceau, Daniel Hourcade, and Eric Andrieu (Abstract)

Plasticity of topologically close-packed phases in the Fe-Ta(-Al) system, Christina Gasper, James S. K.-L Gibson, Wei Luo, Hauke Springer, Stefanie Sandlobes-Haut, and Sandra Korte-Kerzel (Abstract)

Imaging modalities of mechanical microscopy, Jeffrey M. Wheeler (Abstract)

Tailoring thin-film mechanical fragmentation properties of hybrid atomic/molecular-layer-deposited materials, Ivo Utke, Janne-Petteri Niemela, Barbara Putz, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

Micro-scale damage tolerance studies in ferroelectric barium titanate thin films, Nidhin George Mathews, Aloshious Lambai, Gaurav Mohanty, Christoph Kirchlechner, N Venkataramani, Gerhard Dehm, and Balila Nagamani Jaya (Abstract)

Fracture properties of CrN hard coatings: Influence of the microstructure, alloying elements, and coating architecture, Rainer Hahn, Stefan Rosenecker, Dominik Forstner, Tomasz Wojcik, Oliver Hunold, Szilard Kolozsvari, Paul H. Mayrhofer, and Helmut Riedl (Abstract)

Micro-mechanical approach of the intergranular stress corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steels in PWR environment, Rachma Azihari, Jeremy Hure, Marc Legros, and Benoit Tanguy (Abstract)

Size effects in fracture mechanics: A detailed investigation on crack growth at the micro- and mesoscale, Jutta Luksch, Aloshious Lambai, Gaurav Mohanty, Florian Schafer, and Christian Motz (Abstract)

Environmental reliability and crack propagation resistance of 3d-printed ALD-coated nano-ceramics, Marco Sebastiani, Edoardo Rossi, and Jens Bauer (Abstract)

Fracture behaviour of Ti/TiN multilayer thin film modeling and experimental validation, Ashwini Kumar Mishra, Hariprasad Gopalan, Marcus Hans, Christoph Kirchlechner, Jochen M. Schneider, Gerhard Dehm, and Balila Nagamani Jaya (Abstract)

Grain size tailoring of tungsten copper nanocomposites to affect local fracture characteristics, Klemens Schmuck, Markus Alfreider, Michael Burtscher, Michael Wurmshuber, and Daniel Kiener (Abstract)

Dislocation-based competition of plasticity and cracking in oxides: Understanding and application, Xufei Fang, Hanna Bishara, James Best, Gerhard Dehm, Kuan Ding, Till Fromling, and Karsten Durs (Abstract)

Nanomechanical characterisation of polymer nanotubes for application as 'soft' mechanical interfaces for biology, Sohini Kar-Narayan (Abstract)

Strong, stiff & auxetic - Lessons learned from a fascinating biological material, Daniel Kiener, Jin-Kyung Kim, Yue Liu, Michael Wurmshuber, Xiang-Long Peng, Jinsol Seo, Jiwon Jeong, Zhen Wang, Jana Wilmers, Celal Soyarslan, Jongil Kim, Boonsita Kittiwirayanon, Jeehun Jeong, Hyo-Jeong Kim, Yang Hoon Huh, Swantje Bargmann, Huajian Gao, and Sang Ho Oh (Abstract)

Optomechanics of small-scale structures, Ralph Spolenak, Joan Sendra Garcia, and Micha Calvo (Abstract)

Two photon lithography for synthesis of fracture mechanical specimen, Alexander Jelinek, Markus Alfreider, Stanislav Zak, and Daniel Kiener (Abstract)

High-temperature scanning indentation: A new technique to assess microstrutural changes along thermal ramping, Gabrielle Tiphene, Paul Baral, Solène COMBY-DASSONNEVILLE, Gaylord GUILLONNEAU, Guillaume KERMOUCHE, Jean-Michel BERGHEAU, and Warren OLIVER (Abstract)

From microlattices to 3d microprinting of multiphase micro-components: Resolution limits and mechanical properties under extreme conditions, Johann Michler, Jakob Schwiedrzik, Manish Jain, Rajaprakash Ramachandramoorthy, Szilvia Kalacska, and Alexander Groetsch (Abstract)

Additive micromanufacturing and dynamic characterization of copper microlattices, Rajaprakash Ramachandramoorthy, Szilvia Kalácska, Amit Sharma, Manish Jain, Sung-Gyu Kang, Jakob Schwiedrzik, Xavier Maeder, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

In situ 3D mapping of local stress and crystal defect structures during micro-mechanical testing by n3D-XRD-CT, Thomas Edwards, Xavier Maeder, Szilvia Kalacska, Nicolo Maria Della Ventura, Jon Wright, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

Deformation mechanism of cerium oxide nanocubes - an in situ transmission electron microscopy study, Karine Masenelli-Varlot, Rongrong Zhang, Lucile Joly-Pottuz, Gaetan Laurens, Tristan Albaret, and Jonathan Amodeo (Abstract)

Deformation mechanisms of hierarchically structured 2D single-crystal materials revealed by real-time high-resolution in-situ nanomechanical testing, Tyler Dolmetsch, Tanaji Paul, Lihua Lou, Benjamin Boesl, and Arvind Agarwal (Abstract)

Challenges in the phase identification of steels using unsupervised clustering of nanoindentation data, Gerhard Dehm, Robin Jentner, James Best, and Christoph Kirchlechner (Abstract)

Nanoindentation Surface Free Energy measurement over functionalized surfaces and structured substrates, Edoardo Rossi, Razvan Lucian Natea, and Marco Sebastiani (Abstract)

A mathematical framework for high strain rate nanoindentation testing, Warren Oliver, Benjamin L. Hackett, Christopher C. Walker, P. Sudharshan Phani, and George M. Pharr (Abstract)

Correcting for substrate elasticity contributions in depth-sensing indentation of embedded particles, Alejandra Slagter, David Hernández Escobar, Joris Everaerts, and Léa Deillon (Abstract)

Mechanics of elastic contact with an interface between adjacent materials, Kian Tadayon and Igor Zlotnikov (Abstract)

In-situ monitoring of the contact area during indentation creep testing, Ude Hangen and Douglas Stauffer (Abstract)

Plasticity in nanoscale friction: Static and dynamic, John Pethica, Owen Brazil, and George M. Pharr (Abstract)

Brittle to ductile transition in metal/oxide nanolaminates on flexible substrates under uniaxial and biaxial tension, Barbara Putz, Thomas Edwards, Patrice Kreiml, Damien Faurie, Pierre-Olivier Renault, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

A new method to measure shear surface mechanical properties, Gaylord Guillonneau, Fadlallah Abouhadid, Bénédicte Adogou, Sergio Sao-Joao, Guillaume Kermouche, and Simon Breumier (Abstract)

Micro-shear of silicon: Elastic strain analysis using digital image correlation, Carmen Maria Lauener, Fabian Schwarz, Jeffrey M. Wheeler, Johann Michler, Ralph Spolenak, and Laszlo Pethö (Abstract)

On grain boundary migration of a high-angle-grain boundary – Effect of shear stress and energy jump-driving force in micro-bicrystals, Christian Motz, Xiaolei Chen, and Jorge Rafael Velayarce (Abstract)

Phase transformations and local deformation mechanisms - A case study on Cu 20 m.% Sn, Lea Lumper, Johann Kappacher, Verena Maier-Kiener, and Helmut Clemens (Abstract)

Role of grain boundary on the deformation of micropillars, Manmath Dash, Longfangdi Shi, Zhaoxuan Wu, and Zhaoxuan Wu (Abstract)

The ductility of thin freestanding metallic films investigated by in-situ TEM / AFM nanomechanical testing, Benoit Merle (Abstract)

Size-dependent coherent twin boundary strength contribution in Cu micropillars, Reza Hosseinabadi, Heinz Riesch-Oppermann, James P. Best, Gerhard Dehm, and Christoph Kirchlechner (Abstract)

Uncovering exceptional micro-scale plasticity accommodation mechanisms in amorphous aluminum oxide through experimental and simulation results, Gaurav Mohanty, Erkka Frankberg, Janne Kalikka, Aloshious Lambai, Turkka Salminen, Sergei Khakalo, Matteo Vanazzi, Fabio Di Fonzi, Boris Paladino, and Erkki Levänen (Abstract)

Electron beam induced softening of fused silica, Sebastian Bruns, C. Minnert, L. Petho, J. Michler, and K. Durst (Abstract)

Temperature-dependent dynamic plasticity of micro-scale fused silica, Remo Widmer, Alexander Groetsch, Guillaume. Kermouche, Ana Diaz, Manish Jain, Rajaprakash Ramachandramoorthy, Laszlo Pethö, Jakob Schwiedrzik, and Johann Michler (Abstract)

Fracture propagation in glassy polymers: From nanometer to centimeter, Bruno Bresson, Matteo Ciccotti, Matthieu George, Yannick Nziakou, Guillaume Fischer, Caroline Genix, Stéphane Roux, and Jean-Louis Halary (Abstract)

Evidence of electron-irradiation activated creep in amorphous olivine at room temperature, Guillaume Kermouche, Andrey OREKHOV, Patrick CORDIER, and Michaël COULOMBIER (Abstract)

Full-field strain around propagating shear bands and von mises criteria for metallic glasses, Olexsandr Glushko, Christian Mitterer, and Jürgen Eckert (Abstract)

Plastic flow and structural heterogeneities in silicate glasses - A high throughput investigation, Etienne Barthel, C. Martinet, E. Burov, J. Teisseire, and B. Rufflé (Abstract)

Densification of polymer glass film under combined high pressure and shear flow revealed via scanning X-ray microscopy, Graham Cross, Owen Brazil, H. Özgür Özer, Benjamin Watts, and John B. Pethica (Abstract)

MecaNano – European network for mechanics of matter at the nano-scale, Benoit Merle (Abstract)

The effect of size, crystal orientation and temperature on the deformation of cast microwires, Luciano Borasi, Simone Frasca, Edoardo Charbon, and Andreas Mortensen (Abstract)

Temperature-dependance evalutation on deformation processes in the Alloy 718 using high-resolution digital image correlation, Damien Texier, Julien Milanese, Eric Andrieu, Jean-Charles Stinville, and Marc Legros (Abstract)

Nanoindentation strain rate jump test-based prediction of fracture and the brittle to ductile transition in tungsten, Kevin Schmalbach, Radhika Laxminarayana, Douglas D. Stauffer, William W. Gerberich, and Nathan A. Mara (Abstract)

The calibration of nanoindenters revisited, Thomas Chudoba (Abstract)

Experimental and numerical investigations of nanoindentation properties at the sub- grain level in Ni-based and Ti-based polycrystalline alloys, Damien Texier, Quentin Sirvin, Malo Jullien, Henry Proudhon, Samuel Forest, Vladislav Yastrebov, and Marc Legros (Abstract)

Micromechanical characterisation of protein crystals and filamentous microorganisms, Achim Overbeck, Marcel Schrader, Arno Kwade, Marta Kubiak, and Ingo Kampen (Abstract)


Indentation unloading phase transformations in silicon: A new perspective, Gerald J osef Kamillo Schaffar, Daniel Tscharnuter, and Verena Maier-Kiener (Abstract and Presentation)

Fast fabrication of micropillar arrays using a combination of laser and FIB for micromechanical compression tests, Fang Zhou, Timo Bernthaler, Tim Schubert, Renato Pero, Alemnis AG, and Nicholas Randall (Abstract)

Nanoindentation material testing using SMART and SMART CUBES, Dennis Bedorf, Wolfgang Stein, Martin Knieps, and Daniel Habor (Abstract)

A novel indentation size effect analysis to quantify material damage for safer nuclear structural health monitoring, Rohit Sharma, Nigel Jennett, Chris Hardie, and Alexandra J. Cackett (Abstract)

Nanoindentation-based strength measurements of spherical polymeric micro-samples, Edoardo Rossi, Razvan Lucian Natea, Marco Sebastiani, and Dino D’angelo (Abstract)

A simple method for pile-up correction by high-speed nanoindentation combined with optical profilometry, Marco Sebastiani, Edoardo Rossi, Marco Sebastiani, and Saqib Rashid (Abstract)

On the effects of microstructural orientation on fracture toughness in (V,Al)-nitride and -oxynitride thin films, Markus Reiner Schoof, Soheil Karimi Aghda, Marcus Hans, Carl F. Kusche, Sandra Korte-Kerzel, Jochen M. Schneider, and James S. K.-L. Gibson (Abstract)

Thermal activation of plasticity in BCC materials investigated by cryo-micropillar compression, Carl F. Kusche, Martin Heller, Jain Manish, James S. K.-L. Gibson, Jakob Schwiedrzik, Johann Michler, and Sandra Korte-Kerzel (Abstract)

Exploring accurate structure, composition and mechanical properties of η carbides in high tungsten iron-based alloy: High-throughput mapping and DFT calculations, Yujie Meng, Xiaoyu Chong, and Warren Oliver (Abstract)

Microstructural and mechanical characterization of yarns made from carbon nanotubes for the instrumentation of particle beams at CERN, Ana Teresa Perez Fontenla, A. Mariet, R. Veness, X. Gabrion, M. Devel, C. Salomon, R. Pero, and N. Randall (Abstract)

Continuous measurement of strain rate sensitivity – A novel nanoindentation method, Hendrik Holz and Benoit Merle (Abstract)

Micropillar compression of anisotropic Al2O3-based eutectic composite, Yuta Aoki, Hiroshi Masuda, and Hidehiro Yoshida (Abstract)

Dislocation and grain boundary interaction in oxides: Slip transmission or cracking?, Kuan Ding, Enrico Bruder, Jürgen Rödel, Xufei Fang, Karsten Durst, Wolfgang Rheinheimer, and Atsutomo Nakamura (Abstract)

Alloy discovery via combinatorial and high-throughput synthesis and mechanical characterization, Adie Alwen and Andrea Hodge (Abstract)

Nano mechanical and microstructural investigation of damage mechanisms in copper wire bonds, Liz Karanja, Pierre-Yves Pichon, and Marc Legros (Abstract)

Spherical indentation study on incipient plasticity of medium-/high-entropy alloys, A-Hyun Jeon, Yakai Zhao, Zhe Gao, Upadrasta Ramamurty, and Jae-il Jang (Abstract)

About the measurement of restoration kinetics in metals using the HTSI method, Gabrielle Tiphene, Paul BARAL, Claire MAURICE, Gaylord GUILLONNEAU, Jean-Michel BERGHEAU, Guillaume KERMOUCHE, and Jean-Luc LOUBET (Abstract)

Effect of hydrogen on the nanomechanical behavior of dual-phase nanocrystalline high-entropy alloy, Zhe Gao, Yakai Zhao, Hyun Jeon, Upadrasta Ramamurty, and Jae-il Jang (Abstract)

Nanoparticle stabilized thin film metallic glasses, Emese Huszar; Amit Sharma; Liza Szekely; Rejin Raghavan; Ralph Spolenak,; Johann Michler; and Laszlo Petho (Abstract)

Shear-coupling migration of grain boundaries in UFG Al, Marc Legro, Romain Gautier, Oliver Renk, Nicolas Combe, and Christophe Coupeau (Abstract)

Effects of radiation damage on the critical resolved shear stresses in zirconium alloys for nuclear applications, James Gibson; Chris Grovenor; and Angus Wilkinson, (Abstract)

Intrinsic room temperature ductilisation of lean rare-earth free ternary Mg alloys, Wassilios Johannes Delis, Pia C. Huckfeldt, Bengt Hallstedt, Pei-Ling Sun, Dierk Raabe, Sandra Korte-Kerzel, and Stefanie Sandlöbes-Haut (Abstract)

Using small-scale mechanics to probe the origins of segregation-induced strengthening, Mohammed Kamran Bhat, Prithiv Thoudden Sukumar, Lena Frommeyer, Gerhard Dehm, and James P. Best (Abstract)

Nanoindentation creep testing using the constant contact pressure method, Marcel Sos, Christian Minnert, and Karsten Durst (Abstract)

Mechanical properties and fracture behavior of TiB2+z thin films, Anna Hirle, Christoph Fuger, Rainer Hahn, Philip Kutrowatz, Peter Polcik, Maximilian Weiss, Andreas Limbeck, Oliver Hunold, and Helmut Riedl (Abstract)

Comparison of mechanical properties of titanium processed by ECAP: Macro vs. micro, Jan Maňák and Karel Tesař (Abstract)

High strain rates micromechanical behavior of materials: A coupled experimental and numerical approach, Benedicte Adogou, Marc Fivel, Gaylord Guillonneau, Sergio Sao-Joao, and Guillaume Kermouche (Abstract)

Localization of plastic strain in alloy 718 using digital image correlation, Malo Jullien and Marc Legros (Abstract)

Mechanical properties and deformation mechanisms of manganese sulphide inclusions, Maximilian A. Wollenweber, Carl F. Kusche, James S.K.-L. Gibson, and Sandra Korte-Kerzel (Abstract)

Mechanical behaviors of agglomerated ceramic powders for cold spraying applications, Sergio Sao Joao; Geoffrey Céleste; and Guillaume Kermouche, Séverine Girard (Abstract)

Development of a custom high strain rate nanoindenter for small scale mechanical characterization over a wide range of strain rates, Stefan Zeiler, Hendrik Holz, and Benoit Merle (Abstract)

Investigating adhesion of polyimide in semiconductor devices with cross-sectional nanoindentation, Moritz Hartleb, Peter Julian Imrich, and Johannes Zechner (Abstract)

Local mechanical response in the vicinity of single grain boundary in YSZ measured by nanoindentation, Ryo Nakamura, Hiroshi Masuda, and Hidehiro Yoshida (Abstract)

Nanomechanical behavior of biodegradable metallic glass for transient electrodes, Seung-Kyun Kang, Jae-Young Bae, Eun-Ji Gwak, and Ju-Young Kim (Abstract)