Micromechanical study of a precipitation-hardened dual phase highentropy alloy

Conference Dates

October 2 – 7, 2022


High-entropy alloy (HEA) design has been in the spotlight of materials engineering, because the mechanical behaviour can be tuned by the composition and by varying the heat treatment procedure [1]. Modern multicomponent alloys consist of more than one phase, often having distinct mechanical characteristics. Individually probing each phase in these complex materials require microscale experiments to be performed. This is often achieved by nanoindentation mapping on the bulk sample's surface, but in this case, a series of micropillars were prepared and deformed by compression. Due to the complexity of this special alloy it was crucial to perform our observations on multiple scales. Therefore, the sample deformation was limited to the micro-scale while dislocation – phase/grain boundary interactions were evaluated on the atomic scale.

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