Deformation twinning in Cr2AlC MAX phase single crystals: A nanomechanical testing study

Conference Dates

October 2 – 7, 2022


In a recent study [1], we observed and characterized for the first time deformation twinning in the Ti2AlN MAX phase deformed at high temperature (800°C) by Berkovich nanoindentation. Since plastic deformation in these nanolayered materials was believed to be governed only by basal plane dislocations involved in kink band mechanisms, this result has shed a new light on the mechanical behavior of MAX phases. In order to go further in the understanding of twinning deformation mechanisms in MAX phases, we performed a study in Cr2AlC single crystal, deformed at room temperature by spherical nanoindentation and by micropillar compression tests, in such an orientation that the basal plane was edge on, to inhibit basal dislocations and to promote twinning.

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