In situ micromechanics during hydrogen charging: Effect of diffusible hydrogen on BBC Fe-based alloys and hydrogen protection through hydrogen barrier coatings

Conference Dates

October 2 – 7, 2022


Hydrogen is a strong candidate to be the energy carrier of the future; however it also represents a challenge as it might cause material degradation through hydrogen embrittlement. To mitigate the negative effects of hydrogen and propose new strategies to protect structural materials it is necessary to understand which embrittlement mechanism is dominant and its specific causes. This can be reached by studying individual hydrogen-microstructure interactions, thereby targeting analyses at the nano-/microscale during hydrogen exposure. In this talk, we will present our novel electrochemical cell design developed for this purpose (Fig. 1a). In this “back-side” charging approach, the analyzed front surface is never in contact with the solution, avoiding unwanted corrosion, and the observed effects are only due to hydrogen [1].

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