Biopolymer/Nanocomposite materials in medicine

Conference Dates

July 3-7, 2016


A large number of recent studies deal with the application of biopolymer nanomaterials to different medicinal applications that led to a new discipline known as nanomedicine. It comprises the processes of diagnosing, treating, curing, preventing diseases and also dealing with traumatic injury, relieving pain and preserving/improving human health by using nanoscale materials. Among nanoscale materials, an important place belongs to the group of natural and synthetic polymer nanocomposites. These are made up of an organic polymer matrix and mineral, organic or metallic nanofiller. The properties of polymer nanocomposites depend on the characteristics of the components and on the interaction polymer nanofiller. Polymer nanocomposites offer to modern medicine new opportunities for generate products. Hence, this talk will present recent advances in biomedical applications of nanostructured biopolymer nanocomposites including antibacterial treatments, tissue engineering, cancer treatment and drug delivery.

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