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July 3-7, 2016


Tremendous advances in molecular and personalized medicine also present challenges for translation of innovative experimental approaches into clinically relevant strategies. To overcome some of these challenges, nanotechnology offers interesting solutions for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. For many systemic diseases, overcoming biological barriers and target specific delivery are the key challenges. Additionally, newer generation of molecular therapies, such as gene therapy, oligonucleotides, and RNA interference (RNAi) require robust and highly specific intracellular delivery strategies for effective and clinically meaningful therapeutic outcomes.

In this presentation, I will cover several of our approaches for development of multifunctional engineered nano-systems for targeted therapies in the treatment of cancer, pain, and inflammatory diseases. Specific examples will include: (1) use of combinatorial-designed engineered nano-systems for RNA interference therapy in treatment of tumor multidrug resistance and genetic modulation of macrophage phenotype to promote anti-inflammatory effect in the treatment of autoimmune disorders.

In each of the above examples, we focus on challenging medical problems with innovative solutions that use safe materials and scalable fabrication methods in order to facilitate clinical translation and improve patient outcomes.

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