Use of a three-dimensional in vitro alginate hydrogel culture model to direct zonal formation of growth plate cartilage

Conference Dates

June 5-9, 2018


Growth plate cartilage is found at the ends of long bones, and is responsible for the growth of the bones as a person is developing. The architecture of this growth plate is very specific and contributes to proper function to allow for bone growth. Although there are many factors known to be involved in the formation of the growth plate and its proper regulation, the exact mechanisms involved in these processes are not fully understood. So far, previous attempts to recapitulate a functioning growth plate in vitro have been unsuccessful. In this study, a new method to study the growth plate and the mechanisms involved in its formation was developed using an in vitro cell culture system made of alginate hydrogel scaffolds. Chondrocytes isolated from neonatal mouse growth plates were encapsulated within hydrogel beads and cultured.

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