Precision polymer architectures and molecular conjugates to enable therapeutics against undruggable targets

Conference Dates

June 5-9, 2018


The Duvall Advanced Therapeutics Laboratory specializes in design and application of smart polymer-based technologies for: (1) intracellular delivery of biological drugs such as peptides and nucleic acids, (2) proximity-activated targeting of drugs to sites of inflammation and matrix remodeling, and (3) long-term, “on-demand” drug release from localized depots. These delivery systems are designed to improve the therapeutic index of existing drugs and/or to serve as enabling technologies for manipulation of intracellular targets currently considered to be “undruggable”. To achieve optimal, finely-tuned properties for these varied biomedical applications, polymers are utilized that respond to one or more environmental stimuli including pH, matrix metalloproteinases, reactive oxygen species, and temperature. This talk will focus on the latest nanoparticle and bioconjugate strategies from our group focused on development of new molecularly-targeted breast cancer therapies.

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