September 8-13, 2019
Grand Hotel San Michele
Cetraro (Calabria), Italy

Editors:   Marc-Olivier Coppens, University College London, United Kingdom
  Bharat Bhushan, Ohio State University, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Marc-Olivier Coppens and Bharat Bhushan (Article)

Nature-inspired chemical engineering, a transformative methodology for innovation, Marc-Olivier Coppens (Abstract)

From plant to product – basic principles, applications and future prospects, Christoph Neinhuis (Abstract)

Nature inspired architecture: Integrative computational design and fabrication for filamentous structures, Achim Menges (Abstract)

The biological oxidation inspired biomedical hydrogels, Qigang Wang (Abstract)

Thermal insulation design bioinspired by microstructure study of penguin feather and polar bear hair, Urszula Stachewicz (Abstract)

Nature-inspired, multi-functional surface coatings for space applications, fabricated by additive manufacturing, Malica Schmidt, Marcos Cruz, and Marc-Olivier Coppens (Abstract)

Bulk supercrystalline ceramic-organic nanocomposites: New processing routines and insights on the mechanical behavior, Diletta Giuntini, Berta Domènech, Büsra Bor, Alexander Plunkett, and Gerold A. Schneider (Abstract)

Bioinspired mechanically durable superliquiphilic/phobic surfaces, Bharat Bhushan (Abstract)

Unexpected stability of aqueous dispersions of raspberry-like colloids, Yang (Abstract)


Structure-property relations of highly ordered bio-nanocomposites, Suellen Pereira Espindola, Ben Norder, Jure Zlopasa, and Stephen J. Picken (Abstract and Presentation)

Nature inspired solutions Special Interest Group - A UK wide network, Monika Dunkel and Marc-Olivier Koppens (Abstract)

Is direct air capture nature-inspired?, Klaus Lackner (Abstract)

Nature-inspired flow-fields and water management for PEM fuel cells, Jason Cho, Panagiotis Trogadas, Billy Wu, Dan Brett, and Marc-Olivier Coppens (Abstract)

Electrochemical materials discovery and intelligence, Kourosh Malek, Qianpu Wang, and Michael Eikerling (Abstract)

Nonequilibrium thermodynamics and constructal law guidelines for nature- inspired chemical engineering processes, Sergio da Cunha, Vincent Gerbaud, and Nataliya Shcherbakova (Abstract)

Discovery, applications and scale-up of bioinspired nanomaterials, Siddharth Patwardhan (Abstract)

Influence of pulsating flow on dispersion in helically coiled tubes and coiled flow inverters, Gleb Valitov, Damiano Rossi, Asterios Gavriilidis, Luca Mazzei, and Chris Price (Abstract)

Process intensification and process scale-up: Gaps and opportunities, Jacob Thiart, Bryan A Patel, Carla S. Pereira, James Bielenberg, and Anastasios Skoulidas (Abstract)

Bio-Inspired Optics: Liquid lenses imitating eye reflexes, Natalia Ivanova (Abstract)

Bioinspired micro/nanostructured surfaces with wettability from design to functions, Yongmei Zheng (Abstract)


Bioinspired materials for water collection, water purification and oil-water separation, Bharat Bhushan (Abstract and Presentation)

Water-assisted growth of nano-floret hybrid nanostructures and their application in sensing platforms, Roie Yerushalmi (Abstract)

Microfluidic platform for continuous synthesis of nanoparticles, Ondrej Kaspar, Aliye Hazal Koyuncu, Martin Balouch, and Viola Tokárová (Abstract)

Balance-of-force selective accumulation of trace ionic species in hierarchical sub-nano-/nano-/micro-porous structures, Andriy Yaroshchuk, Merlin L. Bruening, and Mykola P. Bondarenko (Abstract)

pH driven colloidal transformation of MS2 virus particles for water purification, Samuel Watts, Tim Julian, Tomas Graule, Katharina Maniura, and Stefan Salentinig (Abstract)

Developmental Bioengineering, Eugene Goldfield (Abstract)

Development of compartmentalizes antibacterial systems based on immobilized alliinase, Viola Tokarova, Petra Janská, Ondřej Kašpar, Lucie Mašková, and Zdeněk Knejzlík (Abstract)

Insect-inspired navigation: Smart tricks from small brains, Alex Dewar, James Knight, Paul Graham, Thomas Nowotny, and Andrew Philippides (Abstract)

Nature-inspired robotics for physical interaction with the world, Mark Cutkosky (Abstract)

Kidney-inspired membranes with superior antifouling properties, Halan Mohamed, Zheyi Meng, and Marc-Olivier Coppens (Abstract)

Synthesis and catalytic properties of hierarchically structured zeolite catalysts with intracrystalline macropores, Tobias Weissenberger, Albert G.F. Machoke, Bastian Reiprich, Wilhelm Schwieger, and Marc-Olivier Coppens (Abstract)

The effects of external surface barriers on diffusion and reaction in zeolite catalysts, Mohammad Alkhunaizi, Tobias Weissenberger, Marc-Olivier Coppens, and Gopinathan Sankar (Abstract)


Trade-offs in Computer-aided Biomimetics, Ruben Kruiper, Julian J.F.V. Vincent, Jessica Chen-Burger, Ioannis Konstas, Rupert C. Soar, and Marc P.Y. Desmulliez (Abstract and Presentation)

An evolutionary approach to kinetic modelling inspired by Lamarckian inheritance, Marco Quaglio; Eric S. Fraga,; and Federico Galvanin (Abstract)

Development of biomimetic surfaces with an antibacterial effect based on the structure of dragonfly wings, Viola Tokárová, Matěj Černý, Zdeněk Knejzlík, Ondřej Kašpar, Petra Janská, and Sara Selenica (Abstract)

Microfluidic chemotaxis screening platform for quantification of bacterial viability, Anand Narayanan Pallipurath Radhakrishnan, Asterios Gavriilidis, and Elaine Allan (Abstract)


A nature-inspired passive airflow system for carbon capture and sequestration, James Niffenegger and Michael Aziz (Abstract and Presentation)

A nature inspired approach toward superhydrophobic cotton fabric for multifunctional use, Poonam Chauhan and Aditya Kumar (Abstract)

Structural change of fluid catalytic cracking catalysts study incorporate with coke characterization formed in heavy oil volatilization/decomposition, Yeshui Zhang, Paul R. Shearing, and Dan J. L. Brett (Abstract)

Mussel inspired chemistry and bacterially synthesised polymers for oral mucosal adhesion and drug delivery, Nazanin Owji (Abstract)

A study using sugar mixture, Nuttapol Lerkkasemsan and Suchanun WiSutthimateekorn (Abstract)

Whale ‘blubber’ as bio-inspired phase change material, Özge Gungor and Halime O. Paksoy (Abstract)