Nature inspired solutions Special Interest Group - A UK wide network

Conference Dates

September 8-13, 2019


This talk wants to give an overview of the newly founded nature inspired solutions special interest group (NIS SIG) which is a UK network of Nature inspired engineering solution providers and industry problem holders that can benefit from Nature Inspired solutions.

What is the NIS SIG aiming to do?

Like all SIGs run by KTN, the aim is to convene people who wouldn’t normally meet; to learn, connect and explore opportunities. The SIG will initially focus on the application of NIS across transport, infrastructure and energy. Over the next two years, we will build a community (online and offline), organise networking events, showcases and raise awareness by sharing best practice and success stories. A landscape map and a commercial opportunity report will be created to help accelerate growth and market uptake in the relevant sectors.

Joining the NIS SIG provides an opportunity to:

  • Discover how nature inspired engineering can help you solve some of your biggest challenges.
  • Seek support from the NIS community if you are a ‘challenge holder’.
  • Showcase your research and demonstrate your nature inspired engineering solutions.
  • Broaden your network and make meaningful connections leading to collaboration opportunities.

The talk wants to give an overview of the activities in Nature Inspired Engineering in the UK, inform about the NIS SIG activities and find out where there are synergies with other countries and regions.

Here is an example of an event that we ran on 25th April to showcase nature inspired solutions.


Join our LinkedIn Group: Nature Inspired Solutions at KTN- https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13701855/

The talk would be best places in an overview section where various topics are discussed. As it ties in Energy, Infrastructure and Transport, the three conference streams would be best, if this does not exist:

•Built Environment: Construction, Architecture & Urban Design

•Energy & Environmental Technology

•Robotics and Other Applications


I am happy to discuss the angle and topic of the talk, just get in touch via email: monika.dunkel@ktn-uk.org

I would also be interested to chair a session if needed, as I have a generalistic overview of various of the mentioned conference themes, best in one of the three areas mentioned above.

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