The biological oxidation inspired biomedical hydrogels

Conference Dates

September 8-13, 2019


Due to its 3D crosslinked networks and adjustable physicochemical properties, hydrogels have been widely applied in tissue engineering, drug-delivery system, pollution regulation, polymer electrolyte, agricultural drought-resistance, cosmetic and food area. However, the harsh prepared conditions and high chemical residues of traditional hydrogel both seriously limited their bio-related applications. We introduced the recent advances on tandem enzyme complex for the radical polymerization and further 3D bio-printing of hydrogel.1,2 We also demonstrated that substrate channel in hydrogel networks can benefit the superactivity of the laden cascade enzymes, which can realize the industrial application of biological oxidation. Finally, we fabricated an enzyme-laden nanogel to mimic neutrophils for antimuor via cascade enzymatic elevation of ROS. This novel biochemical approach is highly useful for cancer therapy. 3,4,5

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