Nature inspired architecture: Integrative computational design and fabrication for filamentous structures

Conference Dates

September 8-13, 2019


Inspiration found in nature, together with advances in computational design and robotic fabrication, challenge existing approaches in building technology in a surprising manner, or even point out completely different possibilities. Biology offers an almost inexhaustible reservoir of principles of form, structure and process that can be transferred to architecture. At the same time, computation profoundly transforms the building industry. Our presentation will introduce ways of tapping the full potential of digital technologies in architecture and construction through inspiration by nature, in order to go beyond the mere digitalization of established planning procedures and the automation of existing building processes towards truly integrative computational design and construction. Along the example of large-scale, load-bearing, fiber-composite structures, we will show how a biomimetic approach enables creating architecture that is both highly effective and efficient, as well as explorative and expressive.

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