Electrical properties of an amorphous zirconium oxide thin film and structure formation during crystallization

Conference Dates

September 4-8, 2016


Metastable amorphous oxides with a strong oxygen deficiency often show surprising phenomena upon relaxation into thermodynamically stable phases. For example, Nagarajan et al. found a new type of chemically driven insulator-metal transition in highly non-stoichiometric gallium oxide films (GaOx).[1] Here, an internal solid-state disproportionation reaction leads to the growth Ga2O3 nuclei in the initially insulating GaOx matrix which thereby attains metal-like conductivity. Moreover, it has been recently shown that such films can act as memristive switches. [2]. Highly non-stoichiometric titania (TiO1.6) films show a similar disproportionation reaction upon heating but as the phase diagram for this material is more complex, various phases can be found during the relaxation [3].

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