Driving the solar thermal reforming of methane via a nonstoichiometric ceria redox cycle

Conference Dates

September 4-8, 2016


This talk will be focused on a prospective solar driven methane reforming process using a nonstoichiometric ceria-based redox cycle. Compared to the traditional temperature swing process that accompanies solar-thermal redox cycles, the introduction of methane during the reduction step provides the ability to operate the cycle isothermally, or with smaller temperature swings, because the required reduction temperature decreases. As a result, the valuable solar energy that is utilized in the process is used more efficiently because sensible heating requirements are reduced, and the overall solar conversion efficiency is enhanced. Furthermore, compared to typical iron oxide based materials that are often used in similar chemical looping cycles, ceria has inherent kinetic and thermodynamic benefits that render it more suitable for isothermal operation where efficiencies are greater.

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