Hydration thermodynamics of proton-conducting perovskite Ba4Ca2Nb2O11

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March 10-14, 2019


The oxygen nonstoichiometry index δ, i.e. number of oxygen vacancies per formula unit, in perovskite-type BaCa(1+y)/3Nb(2-y)/3O3–δ (BCNy) oxides can be tailored by varying the Ca–Nb ratio y, and equals . These oxygen vacancies can be hydrated under humid atmosphere, providing nonstoichiometric BCNy oxides with good proton conductivity. It makes them promising materials for proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) electrolytes and high-temperature humidity sensors. The present work aimed to partly address the lack of fundamental thermodynamic studies on BCNy by investigating the heat of low-temperature hydration-induced phase transition as well as the higher-temperature thermodynamics of hydration and related defect chemistry of BCN50 oxide.

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