Tailoring non-stoichiometry and mixed ionic-electronic conductivity in nanostructured Pr-substituted ceria

Conference Dates

March 10-14, 2019


High concentrations of mobile oxygen vacancies are crucial for devices such as SOFCs, SOECs, gas permeation membranes, and sensors, while for other applications such as ferroelectrics and piezoelectrics, oxygen vacancies are detrimental. Hence there is great interest in tailoring the oxygen vacancy concentration and mobility for given materials. Changes in oxygen non-stoichiometry also result in dilation of the crystal lattice, known as chemical expansion, and therefore there is a coupling between the electrical, chemical, and mechanical properties known as electro-chemo-mechanical coupling. Confined systems, such as thin films, are being investigated as a way to tailor the non-stoichiometry and transport properties of materials, shifting the paradigm away from searching for new materials or compositions.

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