October 15-19, 2023
Tomar, Portugal

Chairs:   Frederic Leblond, Polytechnique Montreal, Canada
  Mark Niedre, Northeastern University, USA

Conference Co-Chairs:   Summer Gibbs, Oregon Health and Science University, USA
  David Cuccia, Modulim, Inc.
  Jonathan Liu, University of Washington, USA



Conference program - ADVANCES IN OPTICS FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY, MEDICINE AND SURGERY, Frederic Leblond, Mark Niedre, Summer Gibbs, David . Cuccia, and Jonathan Liu (Article)

Can near infrared nerve-specific imaging improve surgical outcomes?, Summer Gibbs (Abstract)

Seeing early cancer in a new light with hyperspectral endoscopy, Sarah Bohndiek (Abstract)


Advanced optical imaging for surgical vision, Sylvain Gioux (Abstract and Presentation)

Intraoperative detection of insufficient surgical margins in head and neck cancer resection using dual aperture fluorescence ratio imaging, Kenneth M. Tichauer, Cody C. Rounds, Jaron d Wit, Jasper L Vonk, Jennifer Vorjohan, Jovan G. Brankov, Floris Voskuil, and Max J. H. Witjes (Abstract)

What role in surgery for Raman spectroscopy?, Frédéric Leblond (Abstract)


Development of imaging probes for fluorescence guided surgery of GI and endocrine tumors, Michael Bouvet (Abstract and Presentation)

TBA, Pablo Valdes (Abstract)

Beyond tumor-to-background ratios: Methods for improved decision making in fluorescence guided surgery, Kimberley S. Samkoe, Yao Chen, Cheng Wang, Sanjana Pannem, Veronica Torres, Hira Shahzad Sardar, Sassan Hodge, Kenneth Tichauer, and Keith Paulsen (Abstract)

Non-destructive 3D pathology and analysis for precision medicine, Jonathan Liu (Abstract)

Low-cost, in vivo microscopy, Dongkyun Kang (Abstract)

Autofluorescence lifetime imaging to monitor immune cell metabolism and function, Melissa C. Skala, Rebecca L. Schmitz, Kelsey E. Tweed, Kayvan Samimi, Jeremiah Riendeau, Emmanuel Contreras Guzman, Matthew H. Forsberg, Ankita Shahi, Jose M. Ayuso, and Christian M . Capitini (Abstract)

Cell tracking in vivo: From hematopoietic stem cells to mature leukocytes, Charles P. Lin (Abstract)

Label-free fluorescence lifetime techniques for image-guided interventions, Laura Marcu (Abstract)

Fast mid-infrared imaging with non-degenerate two-photon absorption, Eric Olaf Potma (Abstract)

Investigating cellular metabolic changes in response to therapy using two- photon excited autofluorescence, Narasimhan Rajaram (Abstract)


Towards fluorescence molecular in vivo liquid biopsy of circulating tumor cells, Mark Niedre (Abstract and Presentation)

Minimally-invasive surgical application of multispectral and polarization resolved imaging, Daniel S. Elson (Abstract)

Extreme imaging cytometry - From instrumentation to AI acceleration, Kevin Tsia (Abstract)

Shortwave infrared imaging and spectroscopy in the time and spatial frequency domains, Darren Roblyer, Anahita Pilvar, Samuel Spink, Diana Suciu, Mark Pierce, Jorge Plutzky, and Vipul Chitalia (Abstract)

Minimally invasive monitoring of the central nervous system, David Busch, Chia Chieh Goh, James M. Barsi, Thomas V. Bilfinger, Arjun G. Yodh, and Thomas F. Floyd (Abstract)

High-resolution imaging of myelin loss and degradation in neurodegenerative diseases with birefringence microscopy, Irving Bigio (Abstract)

Optical spectroscopy for real-time neuronavigation during deep brain stimulation surgeries, Daniel Côté, Sébastien Jerczynski, Mireille Quémener, Valérie Pineau Noël, Antoine Rousseau, Elahe Parham, Alexandre Bédard, Thomas Charland, Anthony Drouin, Jonathan Roussel, Valérie Dionne, Thomas Shooner, Anaïs Parrot, Shadi Masoumi, Mohamad A Takech, Éric Philippe, Damon DePaoli, Léo Cantin, and Martin Parent (Abstract)

Non-invasive evaluation of microvascular and endothelial function with hybrid near-infrared spectroscopies, Turgut Durduran (Abstract)

Assessing cerebrovascular insufficiency and neural risk with diffuse optical methods, Maria Angela Franceschini (Abstract)

Changes in neurovascular coupling as an indicator of cerebral health, Jana Kainerstorfer (Article)

Multimodal computational pathology, Faisal Mahmood (Abstract)


Real-time label-free AI-enhanced digital histopathology using SLAM microscopy, Stephen Boppart (Abstract and Presentation)

Multimodal computational colonoscopy, Nicholas Durr, Taylor L. Bobrow, Mayank Golhar, and Saowanee Ngamruengphong (Abstract)

Phantoms to accelerate technology development and standardization in Biophotonics, Stefan Andersson-Engels, Claudia Nunzia Guadagno, Gokhan Dumlupinar, Daniyal Ghauri, Lorenzo Nimitz, Pranav Lanka, Rekha Gautam, and Sanathana Konugolu Venkata Sekar (Abstract)

Tools to build consensus and accelerate clinical translation of intraoperative fluorescence imaging, Ethan LaRochelle, Samuel S. Streeter PhD, Eammon A. Littler MS, Edwin A. Robledo MS, and Alberto J. Ruiz PhD (Abstract)

Nanobody-based fluorescent contrast agents for rapid and specific intra- operative tumor visualization, Sophie Hernot, Lukasz Mateusiak, Dora Mugoli Chigoho, Noemi Declerck, Nayra Cristina Herreira do Valle, Simone Janssens, Esaü Vangeloven, Sam Floru, Jelena Saliën, Laurens Raes, Jens Debacker, and Marcus Stroet (Abstract)

Multifunctional porphyrin-lipid nanoparticles for cancer theranostics: From discovery to first-in-human and beyond, Brian C Wilson and Gang Zheng (Abstract)

The tauVIVO time-domain fluorescence imaging system for the simultaneous imaging of ICG and targeted NIR tracers, Hans Ingelberts, Thomas van Den Dries, Théo Lepoutte, Sophie Hernot, Pooria Iranian, Sevada Sahakian, and Thomas Lapauw (Abstract)

Fluorescence depth quantification using spatial frequency imaging and deep learning reconstruction, Michael Daly, Natalie Won, Anjolaoluwa Adewale, Jerry Wan, Esmat Najjar, Brian C. Wilson, Jonathan C Irish, and Mandolin Bartling (Abstract)

Near infrared fluorescent anti-mucin antibodies target and brightly label colonic polyps in CPC-APC mice, Kristin Cox, Michael A. Turner, Siamak Amirfakhri, Shanglei Liu, Robert M. Hoffman, Surinder K. Batra, and Michael Bouvet (Abstract)

Coherent spatial imaging of hemodynamics, Bernard Choi, Cody Dunn, and Christian Crouzet (Abstract)

Monitoring radiotherapy with functional OCT: Microvascular responses and correlations with MRI, Alex Vitkin (Abstract)

Computational approaches for model-based Diffuse Optical Tomography, Hamid Dehghani (Abstract)

Low-cost optoacoustics? Prospects for miniaturizing and democratizing optoacoustic imaging systems in biomedical research and the clinics, Daniel Razansky and Çağla Özsoy (Abstract)

A low-cost, compact device for monitoring tissue oxygen consumption using speckle contrast optical spectroscopy, Andres Quiroga, Siddharth Dave, Christopher Choi, Peiman Lahsaei, Sreekanth Cheruku, DaiWai Olson, David R. Busch, and Turgut Durduran (Abstract)

Preliminary investigation of non-invasive blood pressure estimation using speckle contrast optical spectroscopy, Ariane Garrett, Byungchan Kim, Edbert J.. Sie, Nil Z. Gurel, David A. Boas, and Darren Roblyer (Abstract)

A combined frequency domain near infrared spectroscopy and diffuse correlation spectroscopy system for monitoring the sternocleidomastoid muscle, Carlos Gomez, David Boas, W. Darlene Reid, and Darren Roblyer (Abstract)

Measurements of human cerebral blood flow changes with speckle contrast optical spectroscopy, David A. Boas, Byungchan Kim, Xiaojun Cheng, and Sharvari Zilpelwar (Abstract)

Fiber-based wavelength-swept spontaneous Raman spectroscopy for brain tissue classification, ELAHE PARHAM, Mireille Quémener, and Daniel C . Côté (Abstract)

Creating Open-Source software packages for Raman spectrum processing and analysis, Guillaume Sheehy and Frédéric Leblond (Abstract)

Guiding nanoparticle enhanced photothermal therapy for cancer with photoacoustic thermal imaging and diffuse optical tomography, Ivan Kosik, Sangeet Ghai, Robert Weersink, and Brian Wilson (Abstract)

Polarized light microscopy for quantitative assessment of colorectal cancer: Can we predict local recurrence?, Kseniia Tumanova, Stefano Serra, Anamitra Majumdar, Jigar Lad, Fayez Quereshy, Mohammadali Khorasani, and Alex Vitkin (Abstract)

High-density speckle contrast optical tomography of cerebral blood flow of the adult brain, Lisa Kobayashi-Frisk, Nishigandha Patil, Manish Verma, Faruk Beslija, Chen-Hao P. Lin, Joseph P. Culver, Jason Trobaugh, and Turgut Durduran (Abstract)

Monitoring of cerebral autoregulaion during early mobilization owards personalization of post-stroke mobilization, Lisa Kobayashi Frisk, J.B. Fischer, C. Gregori Pla, I. Belmonte Jimeno, A. Bosch de Basea Gómez, M. Navarro Roman, M. Pérez Marín, A. Martínez Domeño, D. Guisado Alonso, J. Martí Fàbreges, R. Delgado Mederos, F. Paüls Vergés, U.M. Weigel, and Turgut Durduran (Abstract)

Tissue classification of breast cancer by hyperspectral unmixing, Lynn-Jade S. Jong, Anouk L. Post, Dinusha Veluponnar, Freija Geldof, Henricus J.C.M. Sterenborg, Theo J.M. Ruers, and Behdad Dashtbozorg (Abstract)

A smartphone autofluorescence imaging platform and classification algorithm for the early detection and referral of oral lesions in primary care settings, Ruchika Mitbander, David Brenes PhD, Imran Vohra, Richard Schwarz PhD, Ida Varghese DDS, Safia Durab BDS, Sean Anderson, Hawraa Badaoui, Nadarajah Vigneswaran BDS, Ann Gillenwater MD, and Rebecca Richards-Kortum PhD (Abstract)

Excitation-emission characterization of ICG in biologically relevant solutions, Sophie Lyon, Ethan P. M . LaRochelle PhD, Kimberley S. Samkoe PhD, and Alberto J. Ruiz PhD (Abstract)

Addressing the effects of skin tone on photoacoustic imaging, Thomas R. Else, Lina Hacker, Ellie V. Bunce, Ran Tao, Sarah E. Bohndiek, and Janek Gröhl (Abstract)

Optical measurement of a guidewire displacement during percutaneous coronary interventions, Thomas Shooner, Maxime Picard-Deland, Mireille Quémener, Philippe. Gagnon, Benoit Gosselin, and Daniel C. Côté (Abstract)