June 5 – 10, 2022
Helsinki, Finland

Chairs:   Patrick Zhang, Chair, Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute, Florida Poly, USA
  Erika Rova, Co-Chair, Yara, Finland
  Jan Miller, Co-Chair, University of Utah, USA
  Marius Porteus, Co-Chair, Fosko, South Africa
  Laurindo Leal Filho, Co-Chair, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
  Ewan Wingate, Co-Chair, Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd
  Andre Carlos Silva, Co-Chair, Federal University of Goiás (UFG), Brazil

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Patrick Zhang, Jan Miller, Laurindo Leal Filho, Erika Rova, Andre Carlos Silva, and Ewan Wingate (Article)


Challenges and Limitations of Processing Carbonatite Rare Earths Deposits in Brazil, Elves Matiolo, Amanda Soares de Freitas, Reiner Neumann, and Maria Clara Novaes Silva (Abstract and Presentation)

Continuous Recovery of Phosphoric Acid and Rare-Earths Containing Particles from Phosphoric Acid Sludge Using a Decanter Centrifuge, Patrick Zhang, Austin Ladshaw, Jong K. Keum, Costas Tsouris, and Patrick Zhang (Abstract)


Nanofiltration Membrane and Liquid Extraction for Rare Earth Separation from Phosphate Ore Waste of Djebel Onk Algeria, Abderraouf Soukeur, Anthony Szymczyk, and Mourad Amara (Abstract and Presentation)


Recovery of Valuable Elements from Phosphate Water Processing by Dissolved Air Flotation Technique, Mustapha Adjadi, Abbes HAMMANI, and Mourad Amara (Abstract and Presentation)

Flotation of apatite and REEs as co-products from a Vietnamese sedimentary phosphate ore rich in carbonate and finely intergrowth, Huu Duong HOANG, Lucas Pereira, and Martin Rudolph (Abstract)

Rare Earths in Phosphate: Occurrence, Significance and Opportunities for Recovery, Patrick Zhang (Abstract)

Atrac® 922 collector for phosphate flotation, jointly developed by Nouryon and Yara, yields high performance and reduces environmental impact, Henrik Nordberg, Catherine Wretborn, Natalija Smolko Schwarzmayr, and Mikhail Golets (Abstract)

Characterization of fatty acid-based collectors vis-à-vis apatite flotation in basic medium, Laurindo de Salles Leal Filho; Patrícia Helena Lara dos Santos Matai; Ricardo Neves de Oliveira; and Paulo Roberto Gomes Brandão, (Abstract)

New reagent scheme for processing Florida phosphate ores, Guoxin Wang and Zhengxing Gu (Abstract)

Synergy of collectors for phosphate flotation in Serra do Salitre Complex, Gabriela Budemberg, Franciele Lima, Santiago Cruz, and Andre Soares Braga (Abstract)

Natural Alternative Source of Fatty Acids for Phosphate Rock Flotation, André Carlos Silva, Elenice M S Silva, and Leandro O Lopes (Abstract)

Bioflotation of Apatite with Saccharomyces Cerevisiae in Hallimond Tube, André Carlos Silva, Elenice M S Silva, and Laura O Silva (Abstract)

Low Grade Igneous Phosphatic Rock Flotation Using Sorghum Starch as Depressor, Elenice M. S. Silva, Andre C Silva, Laura G Rasmussem, and Luis A Silva (Abstract)

Beneficiation of medium and low grade African phosphates in the context of stimulating supply, Ashma Singh (Abstract)


The increasing usage of GEOSCAN online analysis in phosphate processing, Luke Balzan (Abstract and Presentation)

Mineral liberation using selective fragmentation of phosphate ore, Lev O. Filippov, Rima Boucif, Inna V. Filippova, Fréderic Diot, Mustapha Maza, and Jérôme Marin (Abstract)

The run of mine grade is on target but the process plant is underperforming – what’s the problem?, Ewan Wingate, Michael Kelahan, and Henry Lamb (Abstract)

Innovative Gravity Separation for Sustainable Utilization of Mineral Resources, James Mennie, Patrick Zhang, and Aaron Medley (Abstract)


Beneficiation of phosphate ores using tribo-electrostatic separator, Abhishek Gupta, Lucas Rojas Mendoza, and Frank Hrach (Abstract and Presentation)


Flotation processing of Elandsfontein sedimentary phosphate ore from South Africa, Getrude Marape, Morake Hlahane, and Ashma Singh (Abstract and Presentation)


Phosphate Rock Beneficiation through Production of DCP “Super-Rock” as a Raw Material for Phosphoric Acid Plants, Sébastien Havelange (Abstract and Presentation)

Foaming and Defoaming of the Wet Process Phosphoric Acid, Guoxin Wang and Guoxin Wang (Abstract)


New process to produce Di-calcium phosphate from low grade rock or tailing using diluted or by-product sulfuric acid, Gauthier Humblet (Abstract and Presentation)

Brief Introduction of Ma’aden’s Phosphoric Acid Complexes, Mohamed Belghiti Alaoui (Abstract)

Prospects of development smart collectors for phosphorite flotation: nanoparticles- based collectors, Gary Albarelli (Abstract)

Analysis of Different Schemes for Recovery of REE from Phosphoric Acid, Patrick Zhang (Abstract)

Smart Road with Phosphogypsum as Road Base, Gary Albarelli, Patrick Zhang, and James Mennie (Abstract)


Contributions to a circular phosphate economy - Polyphosphate production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Jana Fees, Philipp Demling, Lars M. Blank, and Alexander Deiter (Abstract and Presentation)

Review of MgO Removal Processes for Florida Rock, Charles Guan (Abstract)


Apatite flotation from iron oxide apatite (IOA) tailings, Rickard Jolsterå, Eva Öberg, and Kristian Larsson (Abstract and Presentation)

Sustainability Programs of the Arab Fertilizer Association, Mahamed Ali (Abstract)

Rare earths recovery and gypsum upgrade from Florida phosphogypsum, Patrick Zhang (Abstract)