Conference Dates

Mar 29-Apr 3, 2015


It was estimated that phosphate reserves associated with high carbonate minerals are greater than those with siliceous gangues worldwide. It has been long recognized that separation of carbonate from phosphate is difficult because those minerals contain same or similar alkaline earth cations which lead them to exhibit similar surface behavior in flotation. With the depletion of easy-to-process phosphate reserves, phosphate deposits with high carbonate impurities must be mined and processed to meet the demand. Crushing, grinding and flotation are considered the most efficient process to recover phosphate from phosphate ores associated with carbonate gangue minerals. Therefore, flotation reagents, especially collectors, are very critical for effective separation of phosphate from carbonate minerals. In recent years, ArrMaz has made great efforts in the development of carbonate flotation collectors with significant success. A serious of carbonate flotation collectors have been developed for phosphate ores from various origins. The topic will focus on processing Florida dolomitic phosphate pebble with Custofloat® carbonate collectors.