Conference Dates

Mar 29-Apr 3, 2015


Tenova Bateman Technologies (TBT), part of Tenova Mining & Minerals is known as a provider of advanced process technologies in solvent extraction, phosphate beneficiation and fertilizer production.

TBT has participated in a number of phosphate projects and offers a comprehensive range of phosphate treatment technologies: from beneficiation to the production of purified phosphoric acid and downstream salts.

The beneficiation of phosphate rock can often be simplified and made more economic by taking into account the distribution of P2O5 and impurities as a function of their deportment between the size fractions resulting from mined and comminuted sedimentary phosphates.

A number of case studies developed by TBT are presented in the current paper. For each project, the particular properties of the feedstock were taken into account as the beneficiation process was being developed.