April 29-May 4, 2018
Century City Conference Center
Cape Town, South Africa

Editors:   Dr. Patrick Zhang, Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute, USA
  Professor Jan Miller, University of Utah, USA
  Professor Laurindo Leal Filho, Vale Institute of Technology (ITV), Brazil
  Marius Porteus, Foskor-Mining Division, South Africa
  Professor Neil Snyders, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  Mr. Ewan Wingate, WorleyParsons Services Pty Ltd., Australia
  Prof. Guven Akdogan, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Patrick Zhang, Jan Miller, Laurindo Leal Filho, Marius Porteus, Neil Snyders, Ewan Wingate, and Guven Akdogan (Article)


Surface Chemistry and Flotation Behavior of Monazite, Apatite, Ilmenite, Quartz, Rutile, and Zircon with Octanohydroxamic Acid, Corby Anderson and Josue Mushidi (Abstract and Presentation)

Resource-Saving Technology for Processing By-Products of the Wet Phosphoric Acid Process – Phosphogypsym and Fluosilicic Acid to Produce Ammonium Sulfate, Maksim Tcikin and Andrei Norov (Abstract)

Recovery of High Purity Calcium Sulfate from Phosphogypsum I: Thermodynamic Study of SO42- Purification, Zeqiang Zhang, Chaode Huang, Hong Yun, and Patrick Zhang (Abstract)

Dry Beneficiation of Phosphate Minerals Using a Triboelectric Belt Separator, Kyle Flynn, Herve Guicherd, and Frank Hrach (Abstract)

Removal of Coarse Fraction from Phosphatic Clays for Clay Settling Area Reduction and Additional Phosphate, Charles Guan (Abstract)

Upgrading Phosphogypsum for Uses as Construction Materials, Wending Xiao, Dapeng Zhang, and Patrick Zhang (Abstract)

Rare Earths Occurrence in Florida Phosphate Ore and Their Fate during Mining and Chemical Processing, Patrick Zhang, Jan Miller, David DePaoli, and Mei Yang (Abstract)

The Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Phosphate Rock and Phosphate Mining Waste Products Using A Novel Water-Insoluble Adsorption Polymer, Joseph Laurino, Zachary Huba, Jack Mustacato, and Patrick Zhang (Abstract)

A Novel Process to Recover Sulfur, Lime and Rare Earths from Gypsum, David van Vuuren and Johannes Maree (Abstract)


Hydrothermal Pre-Treatment Process of Phosphogypsum for Enhanced Rare Earths Recovery, Volha Yahorava, Eugene Lakay, and Wilma Clark (Abstract and Presentation)

Simultaneous Recovery of Rare Earths and Uranium from Wet Process Phosphoric Acid Using Solvent Extraction with D2EHP, Shengxi Wu, Xiaowei Huang, Longsheng Zhao, Lifeng Zhang, Zongyu Feng, Liangshi Wang, Patrick Zhang, Hassan El-Shall, and Brij Moudgil (Abstract)

Recovery of Thourium from Phosphogypsum by Acid Leaching, Tebogo Mashifana, Thabo Falayi, Freeman Ntuli, and Jessica Sebothoma (Abstract)


History and Future of Phosphate Mining and Beneficiation in South Africa, Marius Porteus (Abstract and Presentation)

How to Truly Optimize Phosphate Flotation, When Feed Grade is Ever-changing, Lucas R Moore, Yu (Ryan) Xiong, James Gu, and Guoxin Wang (Abstract)

New Reagent Development for the Beneficiation of Various Phosphate Ores, Pablo Dopico (Abstract)


Mine Arnaud Project: Flotation Circuit Adjustment and Collector Reduction, Christine Croteau, Patrick Laflamme, and Michel Lafontaine (Abstract)

Case Study for Processing Phosphate Ores Worldwide, Guoxin Wang, Zhengxing Gu, and Yu Xiong (Abstract)


Effect of calcium concentration on calcite flotation from apatite using carbonic gas, Amanda Soares, Suzanne Ferreira de Mello, and Rafael Teixeira Rodrigues (Abstract and Presentation)

Investigation of the Mechanism of Apatite/Carbonates Separation in Acidic Flotation Process Using In Situ Raman Spectroscopy, Lev Filippov, Inna V. Filippova, and Oumar B. Kaba (Abstract)

Formulation of a Reagent Used in a Process of Water Recovery the Sludge from Beneficiation Process of Phosphate Ore Using Mixture Design, Mohammed El Asri, BOULAHNA Ahmed, ZOUHAIR Hafid, EL AGRI Asmae, and JOUTI Ibrahim (Abstract)

Tailoring Collectors to Allow for Sea Water Usage in Phosphate Beneficiation, Lucas R Moore, Yu (Ryan) Xiong, James Gu, and Guoxin Wang (Abstract)


The Surface Chemistry and Microflotation of Xenotime and Depression of Gangue Minerals, Corby Anderson and Yicheng Zhang (Abstract and Presentation)

Heavy Metal Contamination and Health Risk Assessment in Waste Mine Water Dewatering Using Phosphate (oral132s1) Beneficication Processes, Mohammad Salem Al-Hwaiti, Hans Jürgen B rumsack, and Bernhard Schnetger (Abstract)


Alternative Depressor for Apatite Flotation, André Carlos Silva, Débora Nascimento Sousa, Diego Valentim Crescente Cara, Alex Malue Machado, and Elenice Maria Schons Silva (Abstract and Presentation)

Separation of Dolomite from Phosphate at Low Cost and Reduced Environmental Impact, Wending Xiao, Dapeng Zhang, and Patrick Zhang (Abstract)


Using Two Alternative Vegetable Oil’s as Collector in Apatite Froth Flotation, André Carlos Silva, Elenice Maria Schons Silva, Alex Malue Machado, Diego Valentim Crescente Cara, and Débora Nascimento Sousa (Abstract and Presentation)


Latest Trend for Fluorine in the Phosphoric Industry: Absorption Efficiency Improvement, Conversion into Raw Material, Tibaut Theys (Abstract and Presentation)


Can Your P2O5 Be Commercially Exploited?, Ewan Wingate, Michael E. Kelahan, and M. Robert Kelahan (Abstract and Presentation)

How Phosphate Rock Quality Impacts the Phosphoric Acid and Granulation Plant Operations, Curtis Griffin (Abstract)

Recovery of Rare Earths and P from Pre-concentrated Phosphate Flotation Tails by Sulfuric Acid Leaching, Patrick Zhang, Haijun Liang, and David DePaoli (Abstract)


Revisiting the Merseburg Process: Economic Opportunity and Environmental Benefit?, Gary Albarelli (Abstract and Presentation)

Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Phosphate Rock by Hydrometallurgical Processes - A Critical Review, Shengxi Wu, Liangshi Wang, Longsheng Zhao, Patrick Zhang, Hassan El-Shall, Brij Moudgil, Xiaowei Huang, and Lifeng Zhang (Abstract)

Physical Separation of High Grade and Low Grade African Phosphates, Deepika Babu Dayal and Ashma Singh (Abstract)

Evaluation of an Aguia Resources-Três Estradas Brazilian Phosphate Ore Using Column Flotation, Khosana Mohlabane, Andrew Hobert, Maria de Lourdes Fortes Alvares da Silva, Fernando Tallarico, and Guilherme Jacome (Abstract)


Influence of the Impeller Speed on Phosphate Rock Flotation, André Carlos Silva, Elenice Maria Schons Silva, and Fernanda Santos Andrade (Abstract and Presentation)

Successful Applications of Vertical-Roller-Mills in Phosphate Processing, Jonathan Smith, Markus Stapelmann, and Carsten Gerold (Abstract)

A Comparative Study of Different Columns Sizes for Ultrafine Apatite Flotation, Elves Matiolo, Hudson Jean Bianquini Couto, Michelle Fernanda de Lira Teixeira, Renata Nigri de Almeida, and Amanda Soares de Freitas (Abstract)

The Fundamentals, Unique Features and Performance of A Newly Improved Packed Column Jig for Phosphate Processing, Wending Xiao, Dapeng Zhang, and Patrick Zhang (Abstract)


Milling of the Phosphate Rock Flotation Circuit Circulating Load Aiming Production Increase and Iron Content Reduction in the Final Concentrate, André Carlos Silva, Michelle Fernanda de Lira Teixeira, Anastácio Honório de Melo Filho, Thiago Drumond de Alvarez de Araújo, Maurício José de Oliveira Júnior, Wanderson Ferreira Borges Júnior, Bruno Palhares Milanezi, and Jailson Pinto Cardoso (Abstract and Presentation)


GEOSCAN-M use at Ma’aden Phosphate Al Jalamid mine, Saudi Arabia, Luke Balzan, Zoran Bauk, and Andrew Harris (Abstract and Presentation)

The Ultimate Phosphate Flotation solution, Johan Swanepoel (Abstract)

New approache to phosphate ore beneficiation coupling chemistry and hydrodynamic of flotation process, Inna V. Filippova,; L.O. Filippov; and V.V. Severov (Abstract)

Best practices of Russia in extracting ree from fertilizer waste, Sergey Kirillov, Maxim Botalov, Grigory Bunkov, Denis Smyshlyaev, Andrey Malyshev, Vladimir Rychkov, and Evgeny Kirillov (Abstract)


Benefication of Estonian phosphate ore by flotataion, Kadriann Tamm, Indrek Piir, Rein Kuusik, and Kaia Tõnsuaadu (Abstract and Presentation)