Formulation of a Reagent Used in a Process of Water Recovery the Sludge from Beneficiation Process of Phosphate Ore Using Mixture Design

Conference Dates

April 29-May 4, 2018


Sludge is generated by several industries. Sludge is a problem for both industrial and the environment. In order to treat this sludge and recover water many process was developed. These process use reagents to increase the sedimentation rate. Several reagent kind used. There are mineral and organic compounds. However, the organic ones, particularly polymers, are judged more efficient.

In this work, our goal was to prepare a new polymer-based reagent as a flocculant. This new reagent, which used in a process of water recovery the sludge from beneficiation process of phosphate ore, was prepared using mixture design. In the first, we studied the effect of eight reagents on sludge treatment by a screening mixture design. The screening mixture design gave us some information on the morphology of the polymers that allows to have the best flocculant. Afterward, thanks to the mixing design, we could find several formulas able to give new reagents by mixing the reagents that are selected by the screening mixture design.

In the end, the application of this new reagent that resulted to this study gives an interesting result.

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