The Ultimate Phosphate Flotation solution

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April 29-May 4, 2018


Ultimate Flotation share the feelings of aversion experienced by project owners when counting the cost of economic minerals reporting to plant tailings. For this reason our flotation technology is focused on maximizing mineral recovery efficiency whilst producing suitable mineral concentrates for the next process step. Ultimate Flotation and Foskor share the same passion and foresight to develop and introduce innovative and exciting technologies to complement our respective businesses. Foskor Phalaborwa bears witness to our accomplishments through which drastic improvements in phosphate recovery have been realized and significant savings in power and reagent consumption have transpired. An added bonus to Foskor is the substantial reduction in plant maintenance costs as observed by the longer lifespan of the Ultimate Flotation cell commodities.

Ultimate Flotation cells can be calibrated for optimal performance by means of adjustments on variable frequency drives fitted to the self-induced air mechanisms. The result is optimum slurry agitation and aeration without excess sedimentation of coarse solids. Due to the innovative design of our flotation mechanism, our flotation cells operate close to half the rotational speed of conventional flotation systems in general, with commensurate savings in power consumption.Our flotation mechanism draft tubes fed via cell to cell pulp transfer systems, facilitate direct presentation of the pulp to the impellor region of the mechanism.

Due to their unique and flexible design our flotation cells are suitable for the beneficiation of a wide range of minerals and can be deployed in rougher, scavenger, cleaner and re-cleaner applications. Their unsophisticated operability and simple maintenance requirements allow deployment of our flotation cells in remote locations where engineering resources are scarce.

Start-up of the Ultimate Flotation cells can be done under full load – no losses after planned or unplanned stoppages.The Ultimate Flotation cell overcomes the key inefficiencies of other similar flotation cells by facilitating stable, controlled,self-induced air at flow rates selectable for a range of pulp conditions whilst keeping the solids in suspension and yielding optimal froth surface stability. These features ensure optimal mineral recovery without noisy costly blowers and associated auxiliary equipment.

From the above it stems that the flotation technology of Ultimate Flotation equates to superior results at lower cost than any of our competitors.

Additional to supplying flotation equipment and turnkey flotation plants, we also undertake and orchestrate flotation test work on behalf of our clients, the results of which are used as input data for proper sizing of our client’s flotation plants. Patented, tried and tested technology guarantees industry-leading recovery rates to help you reach your targets and maximise your investment.

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