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April 29-May 4, 2018


Access to real-time data is critical for process control. Scantech’s GEOSCAN-M elemental analyser has been utilized in the minerals industry for the past two decades in a range of different commodities. Already established for use in the coal and cement industries, commodities such as iron ore, copper, lead zinc, manganese, bauxite and lithium have benefited from the real-time access to elemental composition data on conveyed flows provided by the GEOSCAN. The phosphate industry has also recognized the benefits of the equipment and a number of operators and companies have installed GEOSCANs to provide real-time analysis back to the plant.

A Middle Eastern phosphate company, one of the biggest phosphate producers in the region, entered discussions with Scantech regarding the use of a GEOSCAN for analyzing phosphate rock, and underwent a process that included thorough vetting and due diligence, and included test work conducted on samples sent from site to Scantech in Australia. The GEOSCAN-M was installed and commissioned at the Middle Eastern mine in 2017. Initially, the GEOSCAN was intended to be used for grade control, and is currently being used for this purpose, as well as to control downstream processes. Analysis data for a wide range of elements is available in real time allowing for accurate and timely control of ore processing.

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