The Fundamentals, Unique Features and Performance of A Newly Improved Packed Column Jig for Phosphate Processing

Conference Dates

April 29-May 4, 2018


The packed column jig (PCJ) is an innovative gravity separation device. PCJ was patented 20 years ago, but its commercial application only began recently after three significant improvements were implemented: 1) new design of packing and feeding system to overcome the plugging problem, 2) computer control to optimize operating parameters, and 3) semi-industrial testing to obtain the optimal design parameters. This paper discusses the fundamentals behind the superior performance of PCJ, demonstrates its unique features that result in energy and operating costs savings, and presents two industrial applications, one for separating silica from phosphate and another for separating dolomite from phosphate. The results shown in the table below are perhaps the best gravity separation results on phosphate.

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