May 10-15, 2015 - Cancun, Mexico

Editors:   E. Vivaldo-Lima, UNAM
  J. Debling, BASF
  F. Zaldo-Garcia, CP-COMEX
  J. Tsavalas, Univ. of New Hampshire

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



The challenge of degradative chain transfer in renewable monomer polymerization, Marc Dube (Conference Proceeding)

Modeling the degree of branching in VDF/HFP copolymers, Benjamin Hoseman (Conference Proceeding)


Fouling in the High Pressure LDPE Process, Sebastian Fries, Markus Busch, Diego Mauricio Castañeda-Zúñiga, Jan Duchateau, Peter Neteboom, and Carolina Toloza Porras (Conference Proceeding)


Multiscale modelling of expanding polyurethane foams via computational fluid dynamics and population balance model, Daniele Marchisio and Mohsen Karimi (Conference Proceeding)


Tracking droplet nucleation in seeded semibatch miniemulsion polymerization, Jose Ramon Leiza, M. Aguirre, and M. Paulis (Conference Proceeding)

When polymer reactor engineers play dice: An overview of Monte Carlo methods in PRE, Joao Soares (Conference Proceeding)


Recent developments in Enzymatic Syntheses and Grafting of Polymers, Miquel Gimeno (Conference Proceeding)

Multifunctional nanoworms and nanorods and functional membranes, MIchael Monteiro (Conference Proceeding)

Interfacial step growth polymerization in miniemulsion for the incorporation of magnetic nanoparticles into polyurethane particles, Viviane Chiradia, Alexsandra Valerio, Debora de Oliveira, Pedro Araujo, and Claudia Sayer (Conference Proceeding)

Reaction loci size effect on reversible deactivation radical polymerization rate, Kiyoshi Suzuki and Hidetaka Tobita (Conference Proceeding)

Phosphate-containing poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogel nanoparticles for prevention of gutderived sepsis, Fouad Teymour, Yushu Yin, Georgia Papavasiliou, John C. Alverdy, and Olga Zaborina (Conference Proceeding)

Advances in chain extender technology for polyesters, Tim Klots, Jon Debling, and Simone Schillo (Conference Proceeding)

PEGylation of chitosan via nitroxide chemistry in aqueous media, Omar Garcia-Valdez, Ali Darabi, Pascale Champagne, and Michael Cunningham (Conference Proceeding)

Emulsion polymerization of 100% biobased itaconate esters, Yvon Durant and Bo Jiang (Conference Proceeding)

Grafting polymers in the wood structure: towards functional lignocellulosic materials, Etienne Cabane, Tobias Keplinger, and Ingo Burgert (Conference Proceeding)

Ring-opening synthesis of polyethylene furanoate (PEF) as a renewable resource-based substitute for polyethylene terephthalate (PET), Peter Fleckenstein, Jan Rosenboom, Giuseppe Storti, and Massimo Morbidelli (Conference Proceeding)

Visible light triggered microcapsules, Bartosz Tylkowski, Marta Giamberini, Todd Underiner, Susana Fernandez Prieto, and Johan Smets (Conference Proceeding)

New bio-based polymeric thermoset synthesized by ring-opening polymerization of soybean oil-based resin with green curing agent, Yahua Chen, Zhenhao Xi, Ling Zhao, and Jingxiu Bi (Conference Proceeding)

Modeling the electrical behaviour of conducting elastomers based on inherent conducting polymers, Alberto Rosas, Pedro Roquero, Eduardo Vivaldo-Lima, Patricia Perez-Salinas, Daniel Phifer, and Javier Revilla (Conference Proceeding)

Modeling and simulation method for nonlinear polymer formation, H. Tobita (Conference Proceeding)

Model-based product engineering: How can we describe application properties from polymer structure?, Wolfgang Gerlinger (Conference Proceeding)

Joint control and operation design for alkyd resin polyesterification reactors, Eduardo Castellanos and Fernando Zaldo (Conference Proceeding)

Full scale industrial reactor implementation of automatic continuous online monitoring of polymerization reactions (ACOMP), Wayne Reed, Michael Drenski, Alex Reed, and Phong Pham (Conference Proceeding)

Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of emulsion copolymerization reactions with divinyl crosslinker monomer: Effect of process parameters on final properties, John Tsavalas, Amit Tripathi, and Donald Sundberg (Conference Proceeding)

Monte Carlo: A versatile tool for modeling complex polymerization processes, Shaghayegh Hamzehlou, Yuri Reyes Mercado, and Jose Ramon Leiza (Conference Proceeding)

Particle design for the synthesis of tailored polymer nano-composites, Marco Villalobos, Ani Nikova, and Eugenia Kumacheva (Conference Proceeding)

Polymer thermodynamics: Leverage modeling results for industrial applications, Yuri Orlov (Conference Proceeding)

Simulation based product development in high-pressure polymerization technology, Marcus Busch, Claudia Schwartzkopff, and Kristina Zentel (Conference Proceeding)

A novel 4-dimensional modeling strategy for optimization of NMP mini- and microemulsion, Dagmar D´hooge, Paul van Steenberge, Marie Reyniers, Guy Marin, Sean George, and Michael Cunningham (Conference Proceeding)

An approach towards a multi-scale model of the fluidized bed reactor for LLDPE production, Mayank Kashyap and Mpho Setlhaku (Conference Proceeding)

Production of polyolefins by metallocene catalysts and their recycling by pyrolysis, Walter Kaminsky (Conference Proceeding)

The impact of induced condensing agents in the gas phase polymerization of ethylene, Timothy McKenna and Arash Alizadeh (Conference Proceeding)

The effectiveness of reactive dispersants in non-aqueous dispersion polymerization, Weiwei Yang and Robin Hutchinson (Conference Proceeding)

MWD instability of divinyl and monovinyl addition copolymerization in continuous-flow stirred reactors, Daniel Arriola (Conference Proceeding)

Can copolymerization kinetics help tailor properties of poly (acrylamide/acrylic acid) for enhanced oil recovery?, Marzieh Riahinezhad, Neil McManus, and Alexander Pendilis (Conference Proceeding)

Mathematical modeling of a catalytic pyrolysis depolymerization process, Enrique Zaldivar, Jesus Zavala, Luis Villareal, and Odilia Perez (Conference Proceeding)

Experimental and modeling study of acrylamide copolymerization with cationic monomers in aqueous medium, Danilo Cuccato and Giuseppe Storti (Conference Proceeding)

Process intensification of continuous emulsion polymerization in smart scale tubular reactors, Fabian Lueth, Kristina Rossow, Werner Pauer, and Hans Moritz (Conference Proceeding)

Enhanced Process Sustainability in Polymerization and Devolatilization Technologies, Fabio Codari, Emmanuel Rapendy, Ulla Trommsdorff, and Philip Nising (Conference Proceeding)

Polymer isolation as important step in synthetic rubber production processes, Michael Bartke, Marcus Vater, Ulrich Wendler, and Boyd Safrit (Conference Proceeding)

Polycondensation in the primordial world: A hypothesis for the evolution of the first biopolymers, Joseph Schork, Martha Grover, Nicholas Hud, Facundo Fernandez, Sheng Yu, Jay Forsythe, and Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy (Conference Proceeding)

Study of room temperature ionic liquid on miniemulsions polymerization for application in low-emitting waterborne coating products, Binjie Hu (Conference Proceeding)


Conference Program, Eduardo Vivaldo-Lima (Conference Proceeding)