Conference Dates

June 22-27, 2014


An inherently limiting assumption of the Kozeny-Carman equation of permeability is not allowing interaction across the parallel flow through a bundle of tubes model. While this condition can be observed for flow through sufficiently high porosity homogeneous porous media, the Kozeny-Carman equation cannot represent the permeability of low porosity heterogeneous porous media. This paper presents a modeling of flow through a leaky-flow tube allowing interactions with flow occurring in other flow tubes in a bundle of tubes model of porous media. Then, the effect of such interactions is taken into account by incorporating the pore connectivity by means of the coordination number. The deviations of the real porous structure from the assumption of a bundle of tubes of uniform size are taken into account by the fractal representations. This leads to the modification of the Kozeny-Carman equation to a power-law equation of permeability whose parameters vary by well-described relationships.