Conference Dates

June 22-27, 2014


Density driven convective mass transfer process in porous media is one of the most universal phenomena in underground aquifer. In this study, an original model defining Nu (or Sh) number for miscible mass transfer system was derived, based on basic concept of integrated entransy dissipation rate. Numerical simulation results of density driven convective mass transfer process in a closed Hele-Shaw cell and porous media are analyzed. In the process of dilute brine-water mass transfer system in Hele-Shaw cell, three different stages were observed. Meanwhile, time dependent entransy variation and Nu number using our definition also show three different steps in accordance with the observing phenomenon which are perturbation growing stage, instable mass transfer stage and stabilized stage. Very different fingering patterns were observed in dilute brine-water system and PEG-Water system because the latter one has not only the Non-Monotonic Density-Concentration profile but also the strong dependence of viscosity on concentration which can cause viscous-instability accompanied with density driven instability.