Conference Dates

June 22-27, 2014


The approach of multi-stage fractured horizontal wells (MFHWs) has been proven an efficient technology for successful development of shale gas reservoirs. Together with multiple gas flow mechanisms, the existence of multiple hydraulic fractures further complicates the gas flowing problem in shale gas reservoirs. Understanding pressure transient dynamics of MFHWs in shale gas reservoirs is of great importance to provide a perception into long-term pressure dynamics forecast as well as to estimate relevant reservoir and fracturing parameters. This paper presents a comprehensive seepage model to investigate the characteristics of pressure transient responses of a horizontal well intercepted by multiple finitely conductive hydraulic fractures in shale gas reservoirs, incorporating desorption and diffusive flow in shale matrix. Point source theory, Laplace transformation and numerical discrete method are employed to solve the mathematical model. Type curves are plotted by using Stehfest inversion method. Characteristics of type curves are analyzed, and flow regimes are identified. Finally, a sensitivity analysis is conducted to screen influential parameters to the dynamics of MFHWs in shale gas reservoirs. Results from this work could provide insights into the pressure transient dynamics of MFHWs during shale gas production, reservoir parameters estimation and fracturing parameters optimization.