May 20-25, 2018
Paradisus Punta Cana Resort
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Editors:   John Tsavalas, University of New Hampshire, USA
  Fouad Teymour, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
  Jeffrey Stubbs, HP Inc., USA
  Jose R. Leiza, University of the Basque Country, Spain

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, John Tsavalas, Fouad Teymour, Jose R. Leiza, and Jeffrey Stubbs (Article)

Step-growth radical-mediated thiol-ene polymerizations in water-borne systems: Emulsions, suspensions and dispersions, Devon A. Shipp (Abstract)

Functional nanomaterials from single chain nanoparticles, Erik Berda (Abstract)

Synthesis and characterization of CO2 responsive cellulose nanocrystals via RAFT-mediated graft modification, Pascale Champagne, Joaquin Arredondo, Michael Cunningham, and Philip Jessop (Abstract)

Structure modifications of hydrolytically degradable polymer flocculant for improved water recovery from mature fine tailings, Georges Younes, Abbigale R. Proper, Thomas R. Rooney, and Robin A. Hutchinson (Abstract)

SI-ARGET-ATRP grafting of block copolymers with amphiphilic properties on lignocellulosic materials, Marta Vidiella del Blanco, Tobias Keplinger, and Etienne Cabane (Abstract)

Click chemistry within LDPE, Jan Duchateau, Diego Castañeda-Zúñiga, Peter Neuteboom, Markus Busch, and Sebastian Fries (Abstract)

The curious case of the molecular catalysts that behaved like a dual-site catalyst, João B.P. Soares, Saeid Mehdiabadi, and Jeffrey Brinen (Abstract)

The influence of (macro) monomer functionality on reactivity in radical (co)polymerization, Robin A. Hutchinson (Abstract)

Mechanistic insights into topological network formation in free radical co-polymerization, Amit K. Tripathi, Chang Liu, Yung-Chun Lin, and John G. Tsavalas (Abstract)

Understanding of cyclodepolymerization kinetics for the production of cyclic polyethylene furanoate oligomers, Peter Fleckenstein, Giuseppe Storti, and Massimo Morbidelli (Abstract)

Effect of solution properties on the terpolymerization of 2-acrylamido-2- methylpropane sulfonic acid, acrylamide and acrylic acid, Alison J. Scott and Alexander Penlidis (Abstract)

Opening Plenary Talk - Polymer reaction engineering in the origins of life: How to get from synthetic rubber to chemical evolution, F. Joseph Schork (Abstract)


Automatic, simultaneous control of molar mass and composition in free radical copolymerization using ACOMP/CI, Wayne F. Reed, Terry McAfee, Thomas Zekoski, Aide Wu, Curt Jarand, and Rick Montgomery (Abstract and Presentation)

Condensed mode cooling for PE: Importance of thermodynamics in reactor and particle modelling, Timothy McKenna, Arash Alizadeh, and Rita Alves (Abstract)

Modelling and control of the microstructure of MAA-co-PEGMA water soluble copolymers, Jose Ramon Leiza, Iñaki Emaldi, Amaia Agirre, Shaghayegh Hamzehlou, Edurne Erkizia, and Jorge Sánchez Dolado (Abstract)

Multi-Scale, Multi-Phase Modelling of a Slurry-Phase Catalytic Ziegler-Natta HDPE Continuous Process, Costas Kiparissides and Prokopios Pladis (Abstract)

In-line monitoring of polymer nanoparticle growth during synthesis in concentrated systems by photon density wave spectroscopy, Roland Hass and Oliver Reich (Abstract)

Rational design of polymerization systems: Perspectives from computational chemistry and reaction engineering, Ivan Konstantinov, Sean Ewart, Tom Karjala, Sarat Munjal, Carlos Villa, and Pradeep Jain (Abstract)

Amphiphilic block copolymers as stabilizers in emulsion polymerization: Effects of molecular weight dispersity and evidence of self-folding behavior, Michael F. Cunningham, Rachel Champagne-Hartley, Sean George, Gary Deeter, David Campbell, Dieter Urban, and Bernd Reck (Abstract)

Micron sized colloids for effect coatings: Haptic response, Ad Overbeek (Abstract)

Role of dispersed polymeric nanoparticles in the bulk polymerization of methyl methacrylate, Hua Wu, Giuseppe Storti, Massimo Morbidelli, and Xia Meng (Abstract)


The effect of cellulose nanocrystals on latex and adhesive properties in emulsion- based polymer nanocomposites, Marc A. Dubé, Emily D. Cranston, Carole Fraschini, and Richard Berry (Abstract and Presentation)

Synthesis and utilization of low dispersity acrylic macromonomer as dispersant for non-aqueous dispersion polymerization, Mingmin Zhang and Robin A. Hutchinson (Abstract)

High molecular weight polystyrene particles by cationic miniemulsion polymerization catalyzed by an iron-containing imidazolium-based ionic liquid, Claudia Sayer, Rômulo C. Alves, Tamara Agner, Cristiane da Costa, Pedro H. H. Araújo, Thyago S. Rodrigues, Fabricio Machado, and Brenno A. D. Neto (Abstract)

A detailed characterization and design of copolymerization, Dagmar R. D'hooge, Paul H.M. Van Steenberge, Guy B. Marin, and Marie-Françoise Reyniers (Abstract)

Modeling and characterization of the morphology of multiphase polymeric nanoparticles, Shaghayegh Hamzehlou, Jose R. Leiza, José M. Asua, Noushin Rajabalina, Evgeni Modin, and Andrey Chuvilin (Abstract)

Modeling polycondensation equilibrium for Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6, Fei Liu, E. Keith Marchildon, and Kim B. McAuley (Abstract)

A novel interpretation of measured and simulated PLP data, Yoshi W. Marien, Paul H.M. Van Steenberge, Gilles B. Desmet, Marie-Françoise Reyniers, Guy B. Marin, Christopher Barner-Kowollik, and Dagmar R. D’hooge (Abstract)

Modeling possible long chain branching reactions for polyethylene in a semi-batch reactor, Abdulrahman Albeladi, Saeid Mehdiabadi, and João B. P. Soares (Abstract)

Distribution of functional groups in starved-feed semi-batch free radical copolymerization: An accelerated stochastic modeling approach, Amin Nasresfahani and Robin A. Hutchinson (Abstract)

Living apart together: On graph theory and polymer chemistry, Ivan Kryven, Ariana Torres-Knoop, Yuliia Orlova, Verena Schamboeck, and Piet Iedema (Abstract)

Hydrogel biomaterials with independent and combined variations in modulus and cell adhesion ligand gradients for guided neovascularization of engineered tissues, Georgia Papavasiliou and Yusheng He (Abstract)

Synthesis of "clickable" macro-porous materials for ultrafast purification of monoclonal antibodies, Marcel Lorenz, Massimo Morbidelli, and Giuseppe Storti (Abstract)

Nanoparticles for intestinal sepsis prevention synthesized via inverse miniemulsion polymerization, Fernando T. P. Borges, Dylan Nichols, John C. Alverdy, Georgia Papavasiliou, Fouad Teymour, and Olga Y. Zaborina (Abstract)

Injectable hyaluronic acid based hydrogels for the repair of cartilage lesions, Costas Kiparissides, Evgenia Tsanaktsidou, and Olga Kammona (Abstract)

Nanostructured polymers for targeted and responsive drug delivery: Exploitations of RAFT and click chemistries, Danielle Benoit, Marian Ackun-Farmmer, Yuchen Wang, and Maureen R. Newman (Abstract)

Closing Plenary Talk - Versatile macromolecules and their biomedical applications, Massimo Morbidelli (Abstract)

Pressure sensitive adhesives produced by in-situ emulsion polymerization of cellulose nanocrystal-poly(nBA-VAc), Amir Saeid Pakdel, Marc A. Dubé, Emily D. Cranston, Carole Fraschini, and Richard Berry (Abstract)

Molecular modeling of free radical polymerization of diacrylates, Ariana Torres Knoop, Verena Schamboeck, Piet Iedema, and Ivan Kryven (Abstract)

Predicting average molecular weights and branching level for self-condensing vinyl copolymerization in a CSTR, Bradley D. Buren, Kimberley B. McAuley, Yutian R. Zhao, and Judit E. Puskas (Abstract)

An advanced model-based strategy to optimize the microbial production of biodegradable polymers under fed-batch conditions, Costas Kiparissides and Giannis Penloglou (Abstract)

Designing controlled radical polymerization: A selection of a terminal or penultimate model for the intrinsic reactivities, Dagmar R. D'hooge, S.K. Fierens, Marie-Françoise Reyniers, Guy B. Marin, and Paul H.M. Van Steenberge (Abstract)

Designing polymer-based piezoresistive strain sensors, Dagmar R. D'hooge, Lingyan Duan, and Ludwig Cardon (Abstract)

Model-based design of MADIX under bulk and solution conditions, Dagmar R. D'hooge, Dries J.G. Devlaminck, Paul H.M. Van Steenberge, L. De Keer, and Marie-Françoise Reyniers (Abstract)

Modeling and parameter estimation in a PO3G Polyether process with time delay, Duong Vo, Kimberley B. McAuley, and Aly Elraghy (Abstract)

Synthesis of waterborne degradable polyester nanoparticles, Fabian Wenzel, Julie Movellan, Jose Ramon Leiza, Miren Aguirre, and Hans-Ulrich Moritz (Abstract)

Effect of functional groups and ionization on the radical copolymerization of acrylic acid and cationic monomers in aqueous solution, Ikenna Henry Ezenwajiaku and Robin A. Hutchinson (Abstract)

Synthesis of novel double metal cyanide catalysts and polymerization of PO and CO2, Jakob Marbach, S. F. Stahl, and G. A. Luinstra (Abstract)

High-pressure calorimetry: Thermophysical properties of gases and polymers, Jonas Nowottny and Markus Busch (Abstract)

Prepolymerization for the gas phase polymerization of propylene, Jorik Hill and Michael Bartke (Abstract)

Linking process conditions with polymer properties for the LDPE process, Kristina Maria Pflug and Markus Busch (Abstract)

Phase equilibria effect on catalytic olefin polymerization, Lenka Krajáková, Martina Podivinská, and Juraj Kosek (Abstract)

Evolution of high impact polypropylene morphology upon thermal treatment, Lenka Krajáková, Martina Podivinská, Miloš Svoboda, Lenka Krajáková, and Juraj Kosek (Abstract)

Effect of reaction conditions on the distribution of hydroxyl functional groups in HEA- BMA copolymer, Loretta A. Idowu, Jan E. S. Schier, Amin Nasresfahani, and Robin A. Hutchinson (Abstract)

Solvent-controlled modification on lignocellulosic materials via SI-ATRP, Marta Vidiella del Blanco, Etienne Cabane, and Tobias Keplinger (Abstract)

Poly(HPMA)-based copolymers with biodegradable side chains able to self-assemble into nanoparticles, Mattia Sponchioni, Lavinia Morosi, Monica Lupi, Umberto Capasso Palmiero, and Davide Moscatelli (Abstract)

A process for the production of bottle grade polyethylene furanoate by ring-opening polymerization, Peter Fleckenstein, Jan-Georg Rosenboom, Giuseppe Storti, and Massimo Morbidelli (Abstract)

Method of moments in nonlinear free radical polymerization, Rolf Bachmann (Abstract)

Acrylic-melamine latex with controlled crosslinking capability, Roque Minari, Luis M. Gugliotta, and Carlos A. Córdoba (Abstract)

Film-forming thermoresponsive nanogels for dermal protein delivery, Roque Minari, Luis M. Gugliotta, Verónica D.G. Gonzalez, and Ana S. Sonzogni (Abstract)

Characterizing catalyst performance of DMCs on PO homopolymerization, Sarah-Franziska Stahl, G. A. Luinstra, and J. Marbach (Abstract)

Nitroxide-mediated polymerization of bio-based farnesene and glycidyl methacrylate, Sharmaine Luk and Milan Marić (Abstract)

Effect of hydrogen partioning on homo-propylene polymerization kinetics, Sina Valaei, Arkom Drawateep, and Michael Bartke (Abstract)

The Combination Of Rop And Raft Polymerization For The Synthesis Of Polymeric Nanoparticles, Umberto Capasso Palmiero, Davide Moscatelli, Matteo Maraldi, and Nicolò Manfredini (Abstract)

General model for step-growth polymerization of hyperbanched AfiBgi-type polymers, Verena Schamboeck, Ivan Kryven, and Piet Iedema (Abstract)

Reactivity ratio estimation for co- and terpolymerization of n-butyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate and 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, Vida A. Gabriel and Marc A. Dubé (Abstract)

Starch nanoparticle-based latexes for pressure-sensitive adhesive applications, Yujie Zhang, Marc Dubé, and Michael Cunningham (Abstract)

Auto-generated chemical reaction networks for polymerization processes, Yuliia Orlova, Piet D. Iedema, and Ivan Kryven (Abstract)

A simple Monte Carlo method for modeling arborescent polymer production in continuous stirred tank reactor, Yutian Zhao, Bradley D. Buren, Kimberley B. McAuley, and Judit E. Puskas (Abstract)

ROP of vic-disubstituted lactones: A diastereoselective way to polymerize, Francesco Distante (Abstract)

Biocompatible superparamagnetic poly(thioether-ester) nanoparticles via miniemulsion technique, Pedro Henrique Hermes de Araújo, Paula Christina Mattos dos Santos, Paulo Emilio Feuser, Priscilla Barreto Cardoso, and Claudia Sayer (Abstract)

Contrasting acrylate versus methacrylate crosslinking reactions and the impact of temperature, Chang Liu, John Tsavalas, Yung-Chun Lin, and Amit Tripathi (Abstract)

Kinetics of PE crystallization, Timothy McKenna, Fabiana N. Andrade, René Fulchiron, and Franck Colas (Abstract)

A new approach to stopped-flow reactions for slurry and gas-phase olefin polymerization, Timothy McKenna and Yashmin Rafante Blazzio (Abstract)

High impact polypropylene: Influence of copolymerization conditions on powder and polymer properties, Timothy McKenna and Aarón J. Cancelas (Abstract)

Impact of geometric properties of silica supports on metallocene catalyst behavior, Timothy McKenna, Barbara Rezende Lara, and M. Ahsan Bashir (Abstract)

Need and potential of digitalization in the development and production of polymers, Wolfgang Gerlinger, Thomas Rooney, Hugo Vale, Omar Naeem, and Andreas Daiss (Abstract)