Mechanistic insights into topological network formation in free radical co-polymerization

Conference Dates

May 20-25, 2018


The first part of the talk will discuss reaction kinetics and molecular architecture development during free-radical, bulk copolymerizations of a homologous series of methacrylate monomers with a series of dimethacrylate crosslinkers of varying alkyl spacer lengths. The overall objective of this work was to determine the extent to which the ester side chains of the methacrylate monomers hinder chain-end radical propagation reactions through the pendent vinyl groups of the crosslinking monomer. We have determined that this steric hindrance is quite significant and increases to the point where the sweeping radius of the pendent vinyl can be obstructed by the neighboring monomer ester side groups. The effective sweeping radius of the pendent vinyl can be equivalently expressed by various combinations of dimethacrylate and methacrylate.

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